Friday, December 30, 2011

Year in Review Meme

I think about doing this every year but I only remember to do it a handful of times. So here's this year's review of the first sentence of my first blog posts for each month of this year:
January:  I stayed up super late this morning (aside from watching a bad lmn movie on demand-which actually wasn't TOO bad!) to do a little work on my sister's hat.
February:  I've been trying to figure out what I have been up to while I haven't been blogging.
March:  The hubs and I had to make a last minute trip down to LA for the weekend.
April:  As a Kindergarten teacher, alphabet recognition is something I have sort of been fighting with during the course of my first year at my new school.
May:  This is how she entered the world.
June:  It was sooooooooooo much fun and I ate way too much junk.
July:  At Boxland, I raved about all the cool rocks I was buying up.
August: There have been many knitting-related stumbles while I've been away!
September: Well, we are finally out of our old apt and in our new one.
..skipped October...oh no!
November:  I really have had every intention of blogging but time keeps escaping me.
December: just wanted to stop by and mention that i'm slowly but surely getting caught up on my blogs.

It kind of seems as though I tended to blog on the first day of most months. Maybe for 2012 that's what my goal should be!


Hey everyone,
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