Friday, July 14, 2006

knitty fears destroyed!

When I first began knitting, I signed up for the 'cool' knitting newsletters, online mags, etc. My favorite remains to be knitty. Now, when I first started looking @ the patterns provided on knitty, I was scared. I didn't think I could ever knit any of their patterns-especially when the levels of difficulty were either mellow, tangy, piquant, or extraspicy. That was enough to scare me away until I saw in the most recent issue, the pattern for fetching. I had been wanting to make fingerless gloves for a while now but hadn't quite found a pattern that I wanted to just jump up and try. Then I saw the pattern for fetching. I think what got me sold on the idea was the fact that I could also practice cabling. Unfortunately, my fingerless gloves don't match in size which I started to notice while working on the second one but I just wanted to get them done since in the pattern it says you can purchase the yarn Friday after work and by Sunday you have a fab pair of fingerless gloves. So here's my fab pair. I'll be making more as I get better @ cabling. I'm also trying out another knitty pattern! ;)

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