Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday thoughts

You know, something is seriously wrong with me. I don't mind having to get up early for work (though I do mind it come bedtime). I actually enjoy waking up seeing that the sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds-or it just might already be shining its lovely rays through the blinds. I even enjoy the mornings when the sun isn't out just yet. When did this happen?? I'm known as the one who likes to sleep in @ work. lol. At some point in time, a shift occurred. I like being done with my workday early I thought as I was driving home at 11:30 this morning. I'm even actually warming up to the possibility of getting a new student soon which would extend my MWF at work. Good thing I was warming up to it..we start on Monday! I'm even used to the idea of actually having to be at work everyday!
For the past six months, I only had to physically be at the Kelter Center MW. I worked a 4-day week but TTH, I was 'traveling' and drove to see my clients. So I thought transitioning into a 5 day schedule that required me to physically be at work everyday was going to be awful and that I'd be dragging my feet through it. I actually kinda like it. I get to hang out and talk with coworkers I hardly ever saw my first six months at the Kelter Center. I also get more exposed to all the drama that happens at my job. No workplace is without its share of drama, is it. Part of me misses me being left in the dark (since, like I said-I was only ever @ work two days a week and when I was there, I was with clients and as soon as our sessions were over, I was out the door!) though it is interesting to hear what my boss is really like. My image of her has slightly diminished since I began working there but it happens. She's human.
I left a place of work where practically all of my coworkers complained about something. There wasn't a day that passed when anyone had anything positive to say. That was one of the reasons I left the place. I couldn't stand working in an environment where people were so negative while I was just trying to do my job. From the get go, I let the incoming staff know that rather than internalize everything that bothered them about our place of work, they needed to just let things go and not let every little thing get to them. Easier said than done, I know. .but that's how you get by. Isn't this common knowledge??
Yes, my last place of work wasn't paradise but it wasn't hell either. Life is what you make it right? Therefore I think most of my previous coworkers created their own personal hell! The Kelter Center isn't bad at all. The things we are doing with our clients are amazing. My coworkers-the ones that have been there a while are fun too..and I love our office manager. So all this drama there (mind you, it's the first week of our summer program!), needs to just stop already.
In regards to my future place of work, I'm still sitting on my paperwork that they just barely sent last week. My sister (ms. I-will-be-a-lawyer-one-day), looked at my contract (I love having free in-house legal advice!!) said that I can't sign my contract because my name is misspelled where I'm required to sign and (this is the funny part!) it has actually expired since it says something to the effect of the contract expiring 5 days after it has been signed. It was signed June 22nd and I received it July 6th. Smart, huh? The guy in charge of paperwork is on jury duty right now but he'll be back at school on Monday so I was told to just wait. I love how easy they are about this stuff. The staff seems to all like each other and get along and it doesn't strike me as a drama-filled place. I guess I'll find out soon enough. In the meantime, I need to go compose something about myself to be added to the school website!!!!!! :)
FYI: on the knitting front, my second saucy is a mere 13 rows from completion done!!! I now have a pair! And, I finally have a finished pic of my finished pair of the coupling socks. While I've been away, I forgot to let you guys know I won a contest! :) Asa had a contest and I won this: It feels soooooooooooooooo amazingly soft! Thanks Asa! :)
And here's my progress on my little lace shrug:I want to get my swell officially completed as well so be on the look out..I'm on a roll today! :)


  1. What kind of yarn is that? I see it's Canadian?

  2. Busy working lady! I love your socks from the last post, super cute, and great color!

    Can't wait to see that lace shrug, too. It looks like it's going to be gorgeous!

  3. Yey, you got it. I was worried Canada Post would take all Summer to get it to you. It's been known to be a bit slow.


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