Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Recap

First of all, I have to share with you all what my poor sister woke up to Friday morning.

Her car was parked on the street which is nothing new. She's been parking on the street off and on for the past two years that we've lived at our apt. This happened at night. There were security guards on the street where she was parked who had been in place since 6:30 in the morning and they said it was like that when the got there. No note, just damage. I forgot my cell at the apt. when I went to work but my fiancé drove me to work and was going to go meet his dad in Santa Monica. He told me something told him to go home so he did. My sister pulled up right behind him and I'm guessing starting bawling as soon as she saw him. Poor thing. He went with her to take it to get looked at, they found a shop not too far away and it's going to take
three weeks to fix. No big deal. She's got me or my fiancé to take her to and from work. He likes it actually. My parents reaction though, good lord. They didn't like the fact that she had already taken it to a place (the one where it's going to take three weeks). They suggested she take it elsewhere where it would be cheaper and faster. I told her to remind our mother that we live in a city of 3 million people. My sister told them she doesn't have all the time in the world to be carting her car to every body shop in LA to get a better price and a faster repair. It honestly doesn't make a difference how much the work is going to cost because she only has to pay the deductible. See where I'm going yet? I don't know what their initial reaction was though. My initial reaction when my fiancé picked me up from work after he told me was if she was okay. I could care less about the car-I just wanted to know that she was fine. Our parents are strange a pair. She got a call from our dad yesterday asking her if she was getting a rental. She had told my mom earlier in the day that she wasn't going to get a rental. So my dad proceeds to tell her that she's going to get a rental she should put it on a credit card and something about Discover Cards covering rental cars. My sister's response was, "I don't have a Discover Card. You told me I shouldn't have a lot of credit cards and now you're telling me I should have that card? I only have two cards because you told me I shouldn't get more than that!" Our dad in particular does that a lot-say one thing and then completely change his mind. I don't see the purpose in her not having more than two cards. She's very responsible and I had been telling her that she should've gotten more cards while in college to build up her credit. We think our parents think she has to pay for the repairs since they're so anal about wanting her to take her car elsewhere. My mom said that she doesn't have to take it to a authorized State Farm shop and my sister said that the claim adjuster and our insurance carrier said she had to. Sigh..Can we say miscommunication? I couldn't help but crack up as I listened to the conversations my sister was having with our parents. I told her next time, wait until she's got an answer for everything they ask before calling them. That's what I do. Then I told her be glad that this was all over the phone and she doesn't have to hear it all in person like our brother does. Another poor kid. My sister is the one who listens to our parents, honors their opinions, and follows what they say (for the most part). My brother and I? No way. I listen to what they say and I do honor their opinions, but I'm still going to do it the way I'm going to do it.
Okay, I digress..I had to get that life stuff out. It was kind of a good thing that I didn't have my cell phone with me @ work and I didn't hear her message or else I would've been bawling myself. I cried when my
fiancé told me! I cried when I heard her vm! :P I'm just glad that everything is taken care of. We wish we could find the car that did it though. :P Oh, one more life thing to throw in--those security guards-they're near our street because apparently there's gonna be some filming around the corner. Tomorrow they will be filming a scene or something for House! I know some of you watch that show so I thought that would be cool to share.
Now onto the knitting! Remember this? Yeah well, it took a big plunge into the frog pond. I hadn't touched it in a really long time and I think its because deep down, I really wasn't in love with the color combo. It was a bit too loud for me. So I'm going to try something else. I'm going to still use farmhouse and maybe a solid. We'll see. I haven't casted on yet. I'm still determined to use the fire on the mountain for a chevron and I think I know what color will go with it. My fiancé really liked how the scarf was turning out too. So he's going to get the fire on the mountain scarf! It does look nice in the picture but up close..all the reds pooling together bugged the crap out of me! Here's what I started on Friday. I needed to work on something that wasn't for me! lol. So I started working on a fake isle hat for my
fiancé. I was worried about the noro becoming too girly for him since there were shades of dk blue, lavender, blue violet, green etc. so I went with a brown base. Luckily he agreed with me!
Here it is all finished! Here's a side-view which I took to give you guys an idea of the colors that came out.
A better side view.
An aerial view. lol.
I love this hat and I'm going to make a few more. I'm going to use the leftover noro for another one for myself! And I think I'm going to make my good friend one with the yarn she gave me (a couple years ago!!!). My student that I saw on Friday asked that I make him one too..I told him maybe if he did well I'd make him one by the end of our summer together. We'll see.
Okay I'm off to decide if I'm going to re-cast on for my chevron or cast on for a pair of hedera socks! This was the sock I couldn't take my eyes off of during my class with Cookie A. I couldn't figure out what sock pattern it was until the other day when I was looking @ people's finished objects. :)


  1. Fantastic hat! I'm glad your sister's alright. What jerks to not leave a note!

  2. Glad your sister is alright. Too bad about her car. My dad had bricks thrown through his front windshield of his car on two different occasions IN HIS OWN driveway! (I think after I moved out, but I can't remember how long ago).

    I tried Fire on the Mountain for my Chevron, and it didn't work for me. I think I may destash Fire on the Mountain. I want Rhodonite though in lightweight!!!

  3. That sucks! I hate people who do that. My car has been hit twice now in parking lots, but nowhere near that damage. Karma will strike them down...

    Great hat, by the way. I want to make one sometime soon...

  4. sorry to hear that your sister's car got bashed up... so glad that she wasn't in it when it happened and i hope that any family drama about it clears up!

    oooh, house! : ) and i love that hat!

  5. Oh, my... you certainly have been a very busy girl while I was away!! I lOVE your noro hat. Beautiful...your fiance will love it!!

    happy knitting :)
    P.S. Your poor sorry she has to deal with all of that :(

  6. Your scarf reminds me of Fruity Pebbles... tasty to eat, but very loud to wear. I'm sure your parents are just stressed about these circumstances they can't control. Yelling at me about what I shoulda/coulda/oughta done is how my dad shows he cares.

  7. What a cute hat! Very pretty - love the colors. Sorry to hear about your sister's car - glad she's ok and hope it gets fixed soon!

  8. Sorry about your sister's car! Glad she's ok, though. Urgh!!! It stinks that she has to pay for the damage. You know whoever hit it knew they did it! Shame on them!

    Can't wait to see your socks. I need to get back to some sock knitting. Love your Honey's hat. That is a great pattern. :)

  9. The hat is great! What's a "fake" isle hat? It looks very manly.
    That totally sucks about your sister's car. The person who did it has to live with that on their conscience forever but once it is fixed and life is back to normal for your sister it is done for her, well mostly.
    and the scarf does look good in the picture. maybe it will grow on you.

  10. The hat rocks! I'm sorry abotu yrou sisters car. We used to have issues with our cars when I was in HS, people broke my moms window once for no reason and my younger brother saw some guy trying to steal my older brothers bowling ball out of his car. What the heck is wrong with people? Here in my area oh OH a lot of peopel don't even bother locking their car doors, it's such a diffent more trusting atmosphere.

    Hey, I'm casting on for Hedera soon too! Well, it was on top of my list but now I wanna use Rum Runner and think the Bellatrix pattern would suit it better. Can't wait to see yours!


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