Tuesday, July 31, 2007

third time's a charm

That's where I've been all this time..trying to produce something worthy of being shown off! ;) I had a major a-ha moment late last night. Here's the result as of today: This, my friends would be my new and improved chevron. Like my title says, third time's a charm. ;) Can I tell you I'm so much happier with this color combo than the first two I tried? And the solid green yarn I was using for the second attempt at a chevron can now go towards my hedera socks. :) Yay! I stop after every couple of rows to admire the pretty colors coming out. This scarf is definitely more me and has many colors that I love. :)
The other thing that has been in the works is this: I was further along but I have frogged this puppy three times already and I am now, finally, on the right track. I wasn't seeing the diamonds all the way through like in everyone else's. Oh by the way, I am working on the diamond fantasy shawl. I brought along my hedera pattern, my dpn's, and the yarn I want to use with me to work today but I have yet to cast on for them. Maybe tonight.
I went to get my health screening done today at a clinic in Santa Monica. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to spend hours waiting there--I guess I thought this because the clinic was in Santa Monica as opposed to downtown LA. HA! I think the wait was worse at this small clinic than the one downtown! I had to wait to have them process my payment. A few people had to wait @ least 45 minutes to an hour just to get their prescription filled. There isn't a separate pharmacy like @ the clinic downtown. It's pretty much done though. I forgot to bring in my TB test results so I have to schlep back to the clinic tomorrow but after that, I'm in the clear! :) Contract is all signed and I just have the other paperwork to fill out and send in.
I'm counting down till the end of the summer program. I realized last night that by ending a week early, I have to have everything ready a week early. Everything being I have to clean out my students' binders, fill out Hand-Off forms, make sure their percentages are up to date and I think I actually have to do a progress report for each of them. Luckily, there's only 5 students. Oh, I also have to have lesson plans ready for my five students for those five days. I found out that my training for my new job doesn't begin until August 21st so technically, I could finish off the summer program. But you know what? I just want to rest and knit that last week! Is that wrong??


  1. Chevron is looking good!!!

    I think you should rest and knit, LOL...why not? :)

  2. I just love the colorway for your chevron scarf...my kind of colors :)
    The "right" yarn really does make a difference in a project!

    happy knitting :)

  3. yay for finally getting a colour combo you like!

    I don't think it's bad at all that you want a break between jobs. Living abroad has taught me that in the US we are too focused on our jobs and never give ourselves a break. That's not to say that there aren't ppl here who are workaholics, but taking vacation is generally encouraged (and not just an extra day at the weekend, but one- to two weeks at once) as is having a week or two or more off between ending a job and starting a new one. You need the time to relax, get yourself organised, and enjoy the time you have since starting a new job tends to be stressful and you may not get that downtime you need for awhile.

  4. Everything seems to be looking good so far! I'm betting the diamonds will show up more after the thing is blocked.

  5. Love all your wip's! Yes, I'm still alive, and finally have Wednesdays off!

    I think that you should grab every extra day off that you can! Don't you love all the hoops they make you jump through when you start a new job these days? I spent a full week doing stuff every day to get ready for this new job! Good luck with everything! :)

  6. oooh! i really like your chevron scarf... the colors are great!

    as a student about to come off of a basically four month break from school (well, minus the one class i'm taking), i can't blame you at all for wanting a bit of time off! : )

  7. The chevron is beautiful, and I love the shawl - such pretty colors! I think its great you have a break between jobs - it will give you a chance to recharge. Enjoy!

  8. The scarf and shawl are looking great! Your color choices are so pretty.

    Good luck with work!! :)

  9. I love love love the new & improved chevron! Looking good. Can't wait to see it progress!!


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