Monday, July 2, 2007

where do I even start?? was hot. Disgustingly hot--mostly on the way to Salinas and on the way back. We didn't see much of my niece as we normally do. I dunno what was up with that. And, the lil munchkin is squirrelier (like my word?!) than ever!! Here are a few favorite shots.. Here she is looking like she knows she's going to be in trouble if she touches those cds.. Bye!!! No paparazzi, please!

Okay, now for some knitting...for some reason, song lyrics came to mind for the next couple of pics.. "Don't Cry for me, Argentina..."

I finished the second sock when we got to our parents' house Friday night and I decided that since the first sock was too big (like a quarter of an inch or so!) I frogged back to the gusset. I worked like mad Saturday to finish it. Though it was difficult when this lil thing kept getting passed around.. "This ain't a scene, it's a g*dd**n arms race .." It totally went in the mouth after this pic was taken! When she returned, I gave her her own yarn to play with. :)
Um can't really walk yet, dude...let me help you!
More yarny goodness. Here's traffic on the 5 North..there really was more traffic but I didn't think to take a pic of the traffic til after the fact.
And look what I casted on for Saturday night while watching Pride with my mom. I had already seen it but was willing to watch it again. It was either that or Black Snake Moan..Oh, it is saucy a free pattern from Cider Moon. I'm using my See Jayne Knit Yarns in Blood Orange. I absolutely love, love, love this colorway. The yarn is a bit thick so I'm sure I won't be wearing these til wintertime! The pattern is so easy to follow and it's similar to the Monkey which I would've casted on for but the pattern freaked me out. Now I see that I was actually missing a few pages of the pattern (hence the reason it freaked me out!!) Sigh..those are definitely next after I complete saucy. I just have to figure out what yarn to use!
Oh, oh!! This is my first eye of a partridge heel! Sorry it's blurry..who knew there was a sockknitter hidden deep inside of me.


  1. I really like that pattern! It looks like it has a little cable twist in it? very fun.

  2. Your niece is a cutie-pie, as always! You are doing great with the sock-knitting. I'm still trying to get a pair started, and since they are on size ZERO's, they seem to be taking for-ev-er...

  3. She is soooo cute!

    And I totally added that pattern to my to knit list!

  4. good job getting your adorable niece hooked on yarn at such a young age! : )

    the socks look great!

  5. The munchkin is so cute but looks like a lotta trouble!

  6. Woo hoo! Great lookin' socks, and total cuteness of a niece!!

  7. i like the look of that sock pattern, checking it out.

    "squirrelier" that's cute! when one of my little sisters was little my dad called her "squirrel cage" because she was like a squirrel in a cage, IOW: crazy squirm-er. haha

  8. What a doll! The socks, urgh, that looks like a lot of ripping.

    p.s. Thanks for nominating me for being a rockin' girl! I've been trying to leave you comments for days!

  9. Maybe she secretly wants to learn how to knit socks?

    It looks great, I'm glad you're starting on socks!!

  10. train your niece to love yarn NOW.. :-)

    Nice socks..I like the heel flap stitch.


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