Thursday, December 20, 2007

best. day. ever.

We had a 'short' day today because the teachers were supposed to have in-service. Admin. decided to cancel it so I've been home for at least an hour now catching up on blogs, emails, and filling up my amazon basket. lol. I hope tomorrow flies by just as quickly. Here's one of the mittens that will go with the swing jacket I finished earlier this week. I was having a bit of trouble so I frogged back and made it work. I finally took a picture of my completed swing jacket. It's up on ravelry and it's also here.


  1. Catching up on your posts - yay for a free day! That little girl is getting so cute! And great last shipment of yarn club yarn!

  2. Glad you got a gift of a little more time...we all need that this time of year. Cute mittens :)


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