Wednesday, December 12, 2007

doesn't anyone get tired??

I am in the midst of yet another busy week. Does it ever stop?? Progress reports were due yesterday and everyone pretty much has an incomplete set. They're supposed to be mailed out and received by all parents by Monday because that is when parent conferences are scheduled. Tomorrow is our tech rehearsal for the winter festival which is Friday night. We're supposed to get an entire school of about 115 students to the theatre we'll be performing at in about 45 min plus all the staff. Are you thinking, Good luck?? At this point, my partner and I don't even know which child is riding in whose car! I can't wait for December 21st. Next week is going to be crazy as well. I have knitting to post (a soon to be finished object! and a possible new wip)..some sundara seasons yarn to show off and of course pictures of my niece to share. It's been too dark to photograph my sundara yarn so I'm hoping I can get a good shot on Saturday. It is absolutely gorgeous. 100% silk. My dad was released from the hospital Saturday morning. I haven't spoken to him since we left on Sunday but I'm assuming he's slowly recovering from the surgery. He looked good and was up and around when he was home Saturday and Sunday. I was in charge of my niece both Friday and Saturday and come Saturday, 5 o'clock, I was done seeing her face. lol. My sister announced she didn't want to have children-or at least become a single parent! She was wiped. She was my asst. She was in charge of carrying my niece when the lil monster didn't want to be with me or was getting too heavy for me and she was in charge of driving. lol. When left to decide btwn staying at home and taking care of both our dad and the lil rugrat vs. leaving the house with our mom to take our mom to run errands, she opted for the latter! And she doesn't like being in the car with our mom for very long! When we were visiting our dad at the hospital for a second time on Friday with our niece in tow (who was knocked out by the way!) she fell asleep in the hospital bed!! Um yeah. Don't go having any kids just yet, sister! ;) Okay. Must walk away from the computer now!


  1. Glad your dad is recovering and doing better! Hope his recovery is a speedy one!

    The busy life never ends - I know how you feel.

  2. Glad to hear your dad is home and recovering. Kids wear me out too! LOL

  3. Hang in there, girl! You'll make it! I'm so glad your dad's doing well!!

    I got my Sundara, too - ain't it gooohgeous??? I did Autumn - which did you end up doing???

  4. You made me exhausted just reading your post ;) Hope you can rest up this weekend. So happy your Dad seems to be on the mend and things are looking up.

    Relax and hopefully you can do a little knitting :)

  5. Glad to hear your dad is on the mend. I expect he was in that cardiac unit at the hospital at home -- it's supposed to be excellent.

    And yes, I am EXHAUSTED. I said to my co-workers that I am so exhausted that I wondered if one could actually get pregnant from a toilet seat hahahaha

  6. I'm gald you hear your dad is up and moving around!

  7. This time of the year makes everyone tired, I think!

    Glad to hear your dad is out of the hospital. It's easier to get well at home!

  8. Oh need that winter break! I'm glad your dad is home though!


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