Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Where do I even begin?? It seems as though the last two weeks have kind of been rolled into one long crazy week. And it's still not over. I have two more days of school to get through before school is out! Here's your fill of pics of the lil bulldog. These were taken while she was in my care. Here she is helping me to go through some old letters I had from years and years ago. She was supposed to be ripping them up so we could put them in the recycling bin. I obviously asked too much of her. lol. cousin it is in the house. day 2 of being in my care..watching "Charlie and Lola" who I now love! isn't she cute??
sigh..the calm before the storm (she has yet to realize her beloved grandmother has left her alone with me to get stuff for grandpa!!).
While I was away, my first shipment of the Sundara Seasons Club arrived. Isn't it gorgeous?
Black over Fuchsia. I'm sooooooooooooo glad I selected Winter as my season of choice!
Here is what my swing jacket was looking like right before I finished it. It's now completed and I'm in the middle of working on the matching mittens. Still on the fence about dyeing it a different color. It will all depend on my brother's gf.
Winter Festival came and went. The parents loved the show. The kids had a great time too. I wanted to post some pictures but I have no way of blocking out faces so you're just going to have to imagine how cute my lil Kindergarten students looked in newsboy caps, vests, jeans, and white t's. ; )
Ooh, my first experience going ice skating! I didn't fall once. I even had a lil 5 year old take around part of the rink. :) I was starting to get the hang of it. The parents loved seeing me at the birthday party and I think I'm going to be invited to them all from now on! I can't wait. :)
I made it through parent conferences. Every parent pretty much said the same thing-our child loves school and they love you guys. We had the same thing to say to them too-they're doing well and they love it.
Work Holiday Party? Freakin' hilarious. We did a yankee swap where I guess you get the option of 'stealing' an already opened gift vs. picking something that has yet to be opened. Then there was a lightning round. We got gypped. Oh well. We began with some yucky coconut lime candles (so not a fan of the coconut!!), for a moment had "what the f*ck" which was a drinking game!, and ended the night with 3 nesting boxes, a thing of tic tacs and a disposable camera. :( Good company. Good desserts. Good fun. What more could you ask for? The hilarious part? It involves someone taking their turn during the yankee swap and unwrapping a lil vibrator!!
Still left? School Ice Skating Party and the last. day. of school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy. What a cute kid!

    I love the open or steal gift thing. :D

  2. Your niece is getting SO BIG!!

    I used to figure skate as a kid - took professional lessons for years! Though, I still own skates, if I were to go - I'd probably fall on my arse! LOL

    That maroon yarn looks delicious!

    I am going to catch up on your last few posts tomorrow. I'm zonked.

  3. Your little niece is beautiful. What a fun age :)

    The swing jacket is cute! New yarn's lovely.

    I used to skate and loved it, but now in my old age I wouldn't dream of getting on skates. Too afraid of falling and doing too much damage!!

    I am so ready for this week to be over, but still have lots to do.

    Have a wonderful holiday :)

  4. Busy busy!!
    The Sundara IS gorgeous!! Love your swing jacket...

    And when did that little girl sprout do darn much hair??? How did she grow so fast, LOL?
    She's CUTENESS!!

  5. Wow! She's getting so big! What a gorgeous little girl. She'll look like a princess in her coat and mittens!!

  6. We haven't watched Charlie and Lola! We have to check that out. Love the swing coat and mittens combo!



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