Saturday, December 22, 2007

manos family of three

I received my Christmas bonus from work yesterday and what better way to celebrate than to spoil myself with some manos del uruguay, right? I was actually trying to kill time with my fiance before having to go pick my sister up from work (her car was being serviced at the dealership). I suggested we head to WildFiber (because Unwind was a bit too far for us yesterday) which is how we met the manos family of three. What led us there? He pointed out that his current hat wasn't strong enough against the cold winds. He wanted a hat made of bulky yarn. I showed him the rowan chunky wool, the big wool, the tahki bulky stuff, and he had actually selected something else (something I wasn't familiar with) and I said, "Couldn't you just pick some manos?"
His first pick (Manos del Uruguay 120, Olivewood)from the manos shelf. Ohh, I so wanted this for myself instead!
This one, I picked out for him. Manos del Uruguay 112, Moss.
We were also drawn to this one too though. Manos del Uruguay 34, Oilslick. Decisions, decisions. He pointed out that Oilslick was a bit rosier in color and would better suit me. He really liked Olivewood and Moss though. I told him I could see him wearing Moss more than Olivewood. So he relinquised the Olivewood to me and rather than choose between Olivewood and Oilslick, we took all three home. I'm going to wind Moss and Olivewood before we head off to see the folks for Christmas and I just might have some finished hats to share. Oh, the really important thing I failed to add is he and I have the same head size so we'll be able to wear each other's hats. :)
Surprise of the Day. An early Christmas present from my fiance. I saw him with it when he was visiting my school yesterday morning for our weekly Friday outdoor assembly and questioned him about it when he came down to say goodbye. Talk about a little sneak! My current camera has been testing my limits by working when it feels like it vice versa.
Oh, I almost forgot! I finished the mittens that will go with the swing jacket. Here is the completed set. Hopefully I'll get a pic of my niece wearing the set to share! Fingers crossed that everything will fit!
This will probably be my last post before Christmas as we will be leaving either today or tomorrow (at this rate!) but we'll be back before the new year to ring in 2008 in Los Angeles! To those of you that will be traveling, I bid you safe travels and a safe return. Enjoy this special time of year with your family and loved ones. :)


  1. What a nice gift from your fiance! I like the red camera - very stylish! LOL Use it well - take lots of pictures to post!

    merry Xmas!

  2. That swing jacket and mittens is the coolest little set ever!

    Love the red camera.

  3. Can't wait to see you niece in her new outfit! I like the red camera...good luck with this one :)

    Have a wonderful Christmas...enjoy :)

  4. Yay! Pretty yarn and nice camera! Hope it works super for ya.

    Hope you had a great Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year!!

    p.s. I finished my socks from the yarn you sent me. I love 'em! The colors are pretty, and remind me of you. (Blues & Greens) :)

  5. Those are adorable! I love that little jacket!!!!


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