Thursday, December 6, 2007

hot cocoa swap

Did you hear?? There's a hot cocoa beat the winter blahs swap and sign-ups will begin December 16th. I can't wait!!! There's a contest right now where all you have to do is post about the swap and leave them a comment letting know you did. You get additional entries into the swap for every person you send over there too. So get to it!! :) I heard about it from knottykitty. :) P.S. My sister and I are driving home later this evening. I spoke with my dad earlier today during my lunch break and nearly cried afterwards. I held my composure though since I was at school. He sounded so weak and tired. :( I hope I don't bawl in front of him when we go see him tomorrow! Also, my sister and I might be having a long day of babysitting tomorrow and maybe Saturday because I volunteered our services for taking care of the lil bulldog. :D Her grandmother on her mom's side had reconstructive surgery (breast) and the lil bulldog's mommy is taking care of the salon as well as her lil brothers while her b*tch a** sister doesn't do a damn thing. Apparently her life doesn't stop just because her mother is sick. How's that for family?? I feel for my brother's gf so I offered up our services so she has one less stress. P.P.S I received the first shipment of the Seasons Sundara Yarn Club and all I can say is oh. my. It's too dark for me to get a picture but I absolutely love the colorway..and it's 100% silk!!! 1000 freakin' yards of the stuff!!! :o


  1. Glad you are going to get to go see your dad. I'm sure it will make you feel better when you can see him in person. Have fun with the lil' bulldog for the whole day! I'm sure she'll cheer you up a little :)

  2. Praying your Dad will be getting stronger and stronger every day. Enjoy your time with the little one (I can't call her a bulldog...she is cuter than any dog I know :) )

  3. Enjoy your visit with the family, still sending good thoughts to your dad.

  4. Have a safe trip home. Hope your dad's recovery is speedy.

    Mmmm, sock yarn!


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