Monday, December 31, 2007

the end of 2007

Well, I came back just in time for my final post of 2007! Lots of pics though I have to admit I didn't take enough while I was home. My dad is doing very well-this coming straight from the visiting nurse's mouth. He has just begun week 4 of his recovery process. He has yet to venture outside of the house but apparently once he has hit his six weeks of recovery, he'll be out and about-at least as much as he needs to be.
Christmas was very nice. Here's the lil munchkin with some of the loot! I was up at about 8 in the morning while everyone else (my brother, his gf, my sister, my fiance, and my niece) were all still asleep! I woke up my fiance and my sister and she took care of the rest. My parents are always up early! I divied up the gifts and we commenced opening. I requested one of those giant foam puzzles so I could use it as a blocking board and I have to tell you, the lil munchkin wanted it for herself once I showed her what you could do with the pieces! I think her parents are going to need to get her her own! I got a crock pot from my sister (though I was really hoping it would be a sewing machine!!) and I plan to use it for our New Year's Day feast (whatever that's going to be!!). I got some much needed clothing, lots of goodies from my students, some new converse, and I got to spend lots of time with the lil munchkin. There was some serious fun going on.
Most of the shots are grainy (except for the one above!) because I was playing around with the settings on the new camera. I now know the tv setting isn't the best one. I wanted to get some shots of the lil munchkin wearing her swing coat I made her. Talk about tough. She was bitten by the crazy bug and went berserk for a good 15-20 min.

Once she calmed down, we were able to take some better shots of her. She looked quite fancy in it. I hope she wears it. My sister's got shots of her with the mittens on but has yet to send them to me. I finished two hats while I was home. I used the basic roll brim hat pattern out of Last Minute Knitted Gifts and made one manos hat for my fiance and one for my mom. Mine is still waiting. I've been secretly working on a shawl as well. I haven't said anything because I tend to jinx myself and end up frogging the thing but so far so good. Pictures tomorrow-maybe!
Oh and of course there was cookie baking. But no pics. My sister and I made some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and some scrumptious chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies. My brother found them spicy but if you love ginger like I do (and chocolate!) you will adore these cookies. And they look so fancy! I'll try to take a shot of them tomorrow during the daytime. Thanks to Ruth for posting the link on her own blog. :)

Oh yeah! The day after Christmas, my fiance and I went into San Francisco. Oh how I wish we had faster internet connection at my parents' house so I could've looked up the addresses to some of the yarn shops in the city. As if I needed to be visiting any yarn shops!! It seems as though going into SF over the holidays is going to become a tradition for my fiance and I since we went last year as well. This time, we had no real destination other than Daiso and Ikea. He took me to Twin Peaks and I was able to take this shot. I hadn't been there during the daytime. It was freezing but the view was gorgeous! While we were just driving around SF, we noticed a pharmaca! There's a Pharmaca near my school and I absolutely love the place. It appears as though they are starting to pop up places. There's even going to be one in Monterey! How exciting. :)
This is will be my first New Year's Eve that I will be spending in LA. It's weird I tell ya.
I slept in. I did laundry. lol. Can I tell you there were mostly men at the laundromat today? I decided it was because most of the women were at home cooking. I have also been trying to catch up on blogs as well as on ravelry. Oh the weird part is it's like 70 degrees outside!! And it looks like it's summer. If I were back home, we'd be freezing our butts off like we had been all of last week. Yesterday was my fiance's birthday and we spent a better part of it trying to help his dad out with a flat he got an hour away from here. We have yet to have his cake but he did get his birthday gift which was from my brother, his gf, my sister, and I. He was over the moon about it. We got him his very own digital camera along with a case and a memory card. He takes it everywhere he goes. He's such a geek. Well, I bid you all a very happy new year!! Here's to 2008.


  1. I totally have to get Sean a flip open sofa now!

    Happy New Year girl!

  2. Looks like a fun Christmas! Have a happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year! Glad you had such a nice Christmas and that your dad is doing well! Looks like the lil' munchkin is a tornado of motion---LOL!

    BTW, not to tempt you any more to come up here for a visit, but there is a Daiso store about 5 minutes from my house---Bwahahahaha!

  4. Your little niece looks so cute in her new sweater! Glad you had a nice Christmas and your Dad is on the road to recovery. A crock'll love it ...put it on in the morning and supper will be ready and waiting for you :)

    happy new year and lots of happy knitting in 2008 :)

  5. oh my gosh, that pic with her hair in her face is the cutest thing ever!

  6. Oh, My, Gosh! Your little niece is so adorable! I just love the picture of the little bulldog by the christmas tree, it should be the family christmas card!

    Yay for all of the presents, too.

  7. ditto what everyone else said about your niece... what a cutie!! i agree, the cookies can be a bit rich. i did a second batch, and in addition to omitting the fresh ginger and halving the molasses, i also experimented with the sugar coating on top. turns out, my friends love it without the added sugar on top. =)

    hope you had a wonderful holiday with family! happy new year!


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