Monday, December 21, 2009

Crafty Night

Well, the monkey and I had a craft event last night! We finally got around to making those cinnamon dough ornaments I wanted to try out. Here's what the dough looked like after I mixed the cinnamon and applesauce. It was a bit too sticky so I added some more cinnamon. Here are our ornaments that we made. Mine are the first six and the monkey's are the last six. It was so funny watching her sprinkle the glitter! I had forgotten that she's at the age where lil' ones are prone to only one side of something. As you can see, she didn't spread her glitter out too much. She just decorated one particular part of each piece! Though I had to spread the glitter out a bit this morning because I knew when we would pick them up later, all the glitter would fall to the ground and remember, I live with an anal dad!!! We also made some handprint paperweights for her parents! She wanted to make a handprint to keep. I tried to stretch the clay (I halfed the recipe and then halfed it again!) but it wasn't going to work. I only had a recipe for the ingredients and just now looked it up on eHow and apparently I've gotta bake them for 10 minutes to get them to harden. Thank goodness. I didn't think air-drying would be enough! The cinnamon dough ornaments are supposed to take 24 hours to harden. We still have to loop strings through them. Overall, it was fun! We each became impatient with one another but we worked through it! Now the reason I've been away, is I have been working away on this: I figured that since it's taking me eons to finish the first shawl I started for my mom in the fall, I better cast on for something that I can finish quickly and it was Thursday night when I decided that I was going to knit this up as a Christmas gift! I'm finally done with all the garter stitch and am finally to the feather and fan border! The pattern is the multnomah shawl.


  1. I can't wait until Clark is old enough to do crafts with me. The ornaments are very cute.

  2. Glitter, glitter everywhere! Isn't that how it always is with glitter? Just yesterday we were playing around with a glitter project and my husband said, "How in the world do you think they get these pieces cut so tiny?" Now we're all dying to find out! Can't wait to see the shawl finished... I'm sure it will be lovely.

  3. Cinnamon dough ornaments are awesome! We love them!

  4. Looks like a fun craft night! The handprint is cute, I should do that with my kids. The ornaments are adorable.

    I cannot wait to see how your shawl turns out!

  5. Love the ornaments!! (stopping by from PEAR!)

  6. Oh, what a nice blog post! And isn't glitter EVERYWHERE part of the process? ;) I know that coming home from work (preschool) and finding glitter in every place you can think of (and some you CAN NOT think of) makes me think that I had a great day! AND, as from yesterday I can say that I will be able to come home from MY work, as I got my very first real teaching job! I am so happy!
    I wish you the very best for Christmas and hope you have a great time!
    Greetings from a snowy and cold Sweden!

  7. What fun! I'm doing that shawl too...or rather I'v worked on it and its sitting!:)

  8. we did ornaments when DD was little... still use them! And they still smell great :-)

    Did you have to add any white glue to your recipe? just wondering.

  9. Oh, what fun you are having :)
    Hoping you'll have a nice Christmas with your cutie :)

  10. Very cute ornaments - I remember doing them when my kids were little. Sparkle everywhere is part of the process!

    Beautiful shawl - great colors!

    Have a very Happy Holiday!


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