Thursday, December 24, 2009

a recap

Well, I dragged my poor hubby to the mall on Tuesday and we spent a good..I dunno, two and a half hours in that freakin' place and all I could find was one thing that I liked for my SIL. This is not good. I don't ever wait this long to get all my gifts done but there I was. Then late Tuesday night, I had an a-ha moment. A calendar!! A calendar with photos of the monkey. I checked online and some websites said it'd take a couple of weeks to get done. I called CVS and they said all I'd have to do is come in, they'd set me up on a computer and it'd be ready in an hour. Can I tell you that I was in awe of this kiosk that I saw! Typically I don't print up the photos I take--though I do keep a knitting journal of all my projects so the whole idea of having a kiosk at my fingertips where I could upload, edit, and print pictures on photo quality paper without using my own ink was wonderful! The calendar came out nice though I wish the kiosk had had the option of adding more than one picture. Plus I didn't like the format the calendar was set in--no room to write anything. Oh well. Still cool. I showed it to the monkey and she said, "Cool." Most of the presents are wrapped..I'm still waiting on the monkey's computer to get here so I can wrap that up and be done with it. I baked one batch of cookies last night and it was a nightmare. It's SO SO cold here that the butter in the fridge basically freezes (which I'm not used to) and I'm the type of baker who'll just toss the butter in without thinking about softening. Ha. Can I tell you I've gone through two hand mixers in the last few weeks?? So I had to whip out the stand mixer (which is a pain because it has yet to have a permanent home anyplace that I've lived). The monkey made an ornament Tuesday night. I wasn't sure if she could handle it but she liked it. She got distracted and stopped for a bit but she did return to it. She asked me yesterday if I had any more and I knew she meant the pipecleaners. I saw some at one point in my parents' garage but can't for the life of me recall where exactly they went to.. As for the knitting...I had planned on having all the knitting completed on Tuesday so that the shawl could have part of Tuesday and all the way through to tonight (if need be) to block BUT, life interrupted and I barely cast off for that sucker this morning. Hopefully it'll be dry at least by tomorrow! The bane of my knitting existence for the last week:

(but how pretty she is!)

On tap for night is more baking--just one batch of cookies though. I scaled back this year. Though I've got some things planned for New Year's. :) Well, whatever you have planned for tonight (if you celebrate Christmas!) I wish you and yours a wonderful, wonderful night!


  1. The photo calendar is a good idea. I've thought about that before, but I don't usually think of it til it's the last minute, either!
    I didn't do any baking this year. What a relief.
    I have a kitchen aid and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. It has a permanant place on my counter.

  2. The shawl looks gorgeous hun!

    THose cookies look delicious!


  3. The feather and fan shawl turned out lovely! And what a cute little girl you have! :) Hope your Christmas day was wonderful, Rhoda!

  4. I LOVE that shawl! I hear there is a shawl knitalong somewhere this year (10 or 12 in a year) and I want to do this one!

  5. I hope you had a very Merry Christmas - the shawl is gorgeous!

    Happy New Year!


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