Wednesday, December 16, 2009

picture day!

It has dawned on me that I don't have FO (Finished Object for all you non-knitters) pictures of all of my projects. And some of them don't have decen pictures so this afternoon, I took it upon myself to give some of my finished knits some face time. Oh! I also finished knitting carrots! She's currently having a bath and will be spending the next few days blocking. I decided that I'm going to frog my current peas project since I did mention that it wasn't all that exciting. I do still want to make a cowl out of that yarn though so this morning I was perusing my pattern collection to see what I will make instead. I may cast on for a third cowl too. Oh and of course I've gotta cast on for a second habitat! Okay, here is an unblocked shot of carrots. A couple of pictures of a finished blackberry cowl (I know, finally!) My one and only clapotis. My 'wedding shawl' My spring things shawl.
And finally, pinkie! Pinkie is my niece's favorite knit of mine. Here's proof: This has definitely been a year of shawls. I wonder what 2010 will be..


  1. LOVE love love these, wow you have been busy!

  2. A year of shawls... that's perfect! I go in phases like that, too. I don't know what this year was for me... the year of "knitting to stay sane" I think!

    Love seeing all of your FO's, and I agree--we need to celebrate them!

  3. Beautiful items - I love all the colors that you chose - very very bright and pretty!

  4. Commenting from PEAR. Wow, you have created some beautiful items!

  5. I found you via PEAR, and I'm envious of your knitting skills! I'm just learning how myself, and plan to learn how to bind off properly tonight. :)

  6. Great projects hun! They're all lovely!

    I can't wait to see what FO's you have in 2010!


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