Monday, December 21, 2009

from feather and fan is NOT my friend to feeling inspired

As my title states, the feather and fan stitch pattern, worked over 265+ stitches (might I add) is not my friend..if anything it's currently my worst enemy. I have needed to rip back at least three or four times (and I'm in the midst of the second repeat of this blasted thing with eight more to go!!). Must I really suffer like this? Really?? It isn't helping that I keep looking at my ball of yarn thinking that I really could have increased the garter stitch border up to 300+ stitches to make it a bit longer but as it was, 265 stitches of garter stitch was killing me. I finally forced myself to go to sleep and amidst stressing over what in the world I was going to get my sister-in-law for Christmas, I finally felt inspired to draft a brand new cover letter suitable for jobs outside of teaching. I have been putting it off for so long because it took me forever to get to the current teaching cover letter that I have. I know, cover letters are supposed to be works in progress and they change and adapt as we change and adapt. Well, I hadn't expected to have to adapt to a world outside of teaching so it's been a teeny bit of a shock. Now if only I get all the knitting and shopping out of the way, I'll be able to focus on writing this letter!


  1. Sounds like a painful pattern - hope you get through it!

    Good luck with the cover letter...

  2. I like feather & fan, lol...

    Hope you get better at that pattern if you need to ever use it again!


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