Friday, December 4, 2009

streets of bethlehem

The first week in December, one of the local churches where I (now) live puts on an event called the Streets of Bethlehem. It's a live re-creation of Bethlehem and they've been doing this for the last eighteen years (which was surprising to me because I didn't first hear about it until the last couple of years)! We took my niece and it was actually a lot of fun. I didn't know what to expect. My mom has yet to go and she couldn't come with us last night because she was still at work but we're hoping to take her either tonight or tomorrow night. Here are some pictures from the evening's events! This is one of the Roman soldiers outside the marketplace.
Here's Mary, sweeping. Here's Joseph contemplating the news that Mary is with child. I don't know what these guys were doing. To me, it just looked like they were barbequing and I thought that was funny so I took a pic. Here's another soldier. Angels. Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus (and can I tell you that I was surprised it was a real baby! I'm a dork, I know. Jesus as an adult.
I liked that it was interactive. There were stands (since we were essentially in the marketplace) and there was the baker, the magician, animals, makers of pots, spice sellers, yarn spinners (and stupid me didn't take pictures of them!! I was too mesmerized watching how they did it. lol. They made it fun for the kids and that was the cool part. We made pinch pots. We got some jewels, my niece got to pet some of the animals and I think the best part of all was that she got to feed the goats! Oh, the bus ride to the church was also a highlight. And by the time we got back into our own car and had been driving ohhh, for about 5-6 minutes, she was out like a light.


  1. My kids crash in the car too - even when going 3 streets from my parents house to my house!

    That Xmas event looks like fun!

  2. I love the jeans in the background of your site, wonderful! This post is awesome! Thanks for joining PEAR! Please come visit Bee Wise Bags or Permission to Unwind and let us know your email, so we can welcome you officially!

  3. Welcome to the PEAR project! I'm adding you to our blogroll right now. :)


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