Monday, December 14, 2009

now for the knitting!

Sorry for the previous dreary post. I just needed to get those thoughts out and what better place to do it than here on my blog! I noticed today that I'm not quite the blogger. I think in the new year I'd like to blog more often. I think all the time about things to post about but I don't get around to posting those thoughts. Must. change. that. Now for the knitting! I've been working slowly on carrots.
I wish someone had told me that after the second pattern repeat, things kind of speed up! I'm now in the midst of my third pattern repeat. I plan to do four repeats. Now if I'd only spend some time knitting instead of lolly gagging on the slow loading internet, I might actually be finished!! Well actually, yesterday we went shopping during the time I probably would've spent knitting on this and then I was too tired to knit at bedtime. I've been neglecting my other cowl though. Mostly because I love charts. They're a challenge to me and I have to admit, once I get started working on a chart, it's hard to stop. The other cowl doesn't have a chart. I thought about creating one for it to make it more exciting but that didn't happen. As soon as I cast off my carrots, I'll be casting on for another habitat. This one for my best friend..who'll be coming on Christmas so I better get to knitting if I want it to be blocked and ready to go for him! And for some stash enhancement..I know. I don't have any money to spend. Credit cards are tapped but how could I resist them?

Here's autumn rose in sundara aran silky.

And here's granite falls in sundara aran silky.

I'm SO regretting not getting two skeins of the autumn rose!! Okay, hopefully in my next post I will have a FO to present!


  1. this is definitely a small world, i came across your blogg cuz i was interested in learning how to knit, i am fellow crafter, quilting is my craft but always admire knitters. the more i read and then ur pic, realize its you. this is mj from hs, glad to see you happy and doing well. my email is mjluvus at yahoo dot com. hope to hear from you.

  2. These yarns are scrumptious! I love the orange creation for sure. Oh I long for the day to be able to knit. :)

  3. Love your resourcefulness and the lovely ideas you are sharing! Hello from PEAR!

  4. I LOVE those colors. It is only 7 am and already 3 times this morning I have typed that I need to take up knitting... all because of the colors!

    I also love that pattern!

    I read your previous post. I know it is tough, but keep trying to love on your Daddy. Know your own truth. Love is really all that matters in the end, trust me... I know!

    Stopping in with PEAR comment love... ~Lanie

  5. I am always so happy after I get through the first few repeats and the pattern goes faster! :) Very pretty project, and scrumptious new yarns. Visiting you from PEAR today!

  6. French Picnic loves a good knitting project (or any project, for that matter!). :) Just PEAR-fect!

  7. Very pretty cowl - I love the color..

    Very nice yarn too - sometimes you just need a little new yarn!

  8. Yummy yarns! 2010 I'm knitting from the stash. I need to give my credit cards a break too!


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