Wednesday, February 24, 2010

first signs of spring

After a night of heavy rain, here's what I woke up to this morning!
the first tulip of the season!

our first California poppy of the season!

though not the first daffodil I've seen from our garden, it's definitely currently the happiest one.



  1. That gives me hope that spring is near!! (And we just got piled on with snow today!)

  2. I'm jealous...we're far from spring here...though all the rain we've been having has gotten rid of a lot of the snow :)

  3. Jealous (1 Million) we still have snow on the ground.

  4. Very pretty - I'm so happy you have flowers (she says in a completely disgruntled tone of voice). We got a foot and a half of snow yesterday. :-(

  5. I would love to see any sign of spring around here. We're lucky to get a bit of sunshine... I'm trying not to hold my breath, but I could sure use some spring flowers to brighten the landscape! :)


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