Friday, February 26, 2010

a moment with the monkey

There's been a huge lack of pictures of the monkey on here-mostly cos once we moved back here I used to see her all the time and the novelty of spending time with her wore off. Now that there has been marital strife (to put it politely!) going on within her family, when I do see her, it's usually when her dad is around so I don't get to have time with her on my own-at least not as much. I miss it! She spent the night a few days ago and she wanted to play with me (but it was 11 o'clock at night!) and though I was game to play with her (lol) hubby wasn't interested. :(
Here she is grinding coffee for me. lol. We got the grinder when my MIL passed away. Apparently she had been saving it for my husband. 


  1. Glad you got to spend time with your little cutie! She looks very serious grinding away the coffee ;)

  2. She's on her way to being quite the barrista! :)


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