Monday, February 1, 2010

interview # who knows what..

We just got back from the interview (plus a bunch of other errands). I finally found a sort of local place that has whole wheat pizza dough (which Robyn turned me onto!). I remember seeing this restaurant in LA but we didn't ever try it. The pizza is yummy..and the salads are delish!
As for the interview, it wasn't really an interview. She gave me a tour of the proposed preschool site (which is still undergoing construction). It was very exciting to get a tour of the place before any furniture was put in or ordered. It was easy to envision what the place was going to look like once the flooring was put in, cubbies put in, etc. Then she took me to her house (hubby dropped me off and she only lives a few minutes away from the site) and we just chatted. She gave me the philosophy of the school and before I could even finish reading it, I asked when she was going to hire me! lol. Oh, I got to meet her fiance while I was receiving the tour of the place. He met us back at the house and came in during the sit down conversation and said something to the effect of, "This is the one!" (meaning me). It was both refreshing and amazing to speak with a woman who pretty much had the same vision of what a preschool should be like. She has no education background at all and is looking to hire a director who has the education background she is lacking. She would cover the business end and honestly, I would want someone to walk me through the business end of things. I remember when I took the course in Administration of Early Childhood Programs and all the budgeting, etc. was so overwhelming for me. I'm sure if it was done with someone else (particularly one who was a bit more business savvy than myself) it'd be much easier to conquer. I'll be meeting up with her daughter soon and she's hoping to hire by the end of the week because she has loads of paperwork that needs to get filed the day after Valentine's Day. If anything, I would just love to help her get the school ready. Something that I have yet to share here is that I've always had a deep love for preschool. It's where I got my start in the world of education and when I went back to school to get both my teaching credential and my master's degree, I went in wanting to walk out designing high quality preschool programs. So should I get this position, I'd finally be leaving one of my dreams.
I'm a firm believer in people being put in your path for a particular reason and the woman I met with today was very inspiring. When I go on these interviews, that's sort of what I look for--someone who is inspiring because that is who I want to work with not someone who isn't passionate about what they do.
Aside from the interview, things have been mostly status quo. The folks have let up a bit but it isn't helping that they have sort of regressed in regards to my brother. My mom freakin' did his laundry yesterday (only because my dad told her she had to!). She also started to take my sister's clothes out of the closet so my brother has somewhere to hang his clothes up. She also brought up the whole 'needing to share' crap again. I retorted back with if I need to share, what about all the crap he left that I have to deal with? I can't wait for us to have our own space again! I also can't wait to have a job again..


  1. Glad the interview went well. I will be crossing my fingers and toes for you.

  2. I am a firm believer in the old "one door closing, another door opening" adage. You go, girl. You find your inspiration and run with it, 'cause you never know where you will end up!!

  3. That job sounds promising....praying it works out! I did preschool for six years while I was in college!:) Fun but always sick from catching their crud!:)

  4. That job really sounds perfect for you. Hope you get it!! Hope things work out so you can get your own place to live. Newlyweds really need t be on there own ... hugs :)

  5. Sounds like things are going better!

    Whole wheat pizza rocks...! And so hard to find here these days. It was easier for me to find when I was living in the city. I miss it!

  6. I am so happy for you! What a wonderful experience. I, too, firmly believe that all things happen for a reason and that people come into our lives for a reason. It's about time you had a little good news. :)


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