Thursday, September 28, 2006

I can't knit!!! (well, I shouldn't!)

Well, I finished the bearpaws/knucks the other night just like I knew I would. I don't have a picture of the complete pair yet though. Let me warn you though, they are a mismatched set. I keep going back and forth about frogging the first one to make it match the second one which looks so un-bearpaw like. That one actually looks like a human could wear it! I didn't do any knitting yesterday because I was noticing that when I put pressure on my right hand (pressing down on it even just on the carpet!), my wrist felt weak. I told my fiance and he has diagnosed me with tendonitis. He has no medical degree but says from the symptoms I described to him (which I don't even remember right now!) it sounds like I have tissue inflamed from the overuse..the computer time (blogging, going to KR, etc) and all the knitting! :( I took a no-knitting day and was a big baby. I iced my arm, took some strong ibuprofen to reduce the inflammation, and I wrapped it in an ace bandage. I went to bed with the ace bandage still on and when I woke up this morning, my two fingers (pointer finger and middle finger) felt stiff! My pointer finger has been hurting around the knuckle when I squeeze it and my middle finger hurst on the actual knuckle for a while now. I made the stiffness go away though with the trigger point massages I had been doing. I don't think it's enough anymore. SO, I was told to stop knitting so much (by my in-house doctor!). I think once the stiffness goes away I'll slowly reintroduce knitting. I'll have to cut my knitting time each day now. How sad. Guess I wasn't cracked up to knit all day after all. On a happier note: Happy Birthday AR!! I hope you have a fabulous birthday!


  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! :) Rest that arm. Oh, man, that must stink!!

  2. I am so sorry you can't knit! That is the worst situation to be in because you can't even knit to forget your woes (which is what I do!) When I'm doing a lot of knitting or am feeling sore I take some time out to stretch my fingers and wrists a little. I notice that helps sometimes. I hope you get better soon! Nice bearclaws too -- you should wear one over your ace bandaged arm what a fashion statement!


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