Thursday, September 21, 2006

No KR today!

I never thought I'd see the day when I couldn't get on KR. First I thought something was just wrong with Firefox and I tried a couple times to reload the page and it said page unavailable. I thought.."What on earth am I going to do now?" Of course I tried again a few minutes later but this time I just typed in the main site and there was Clara's message. I hope it's an easy fix. I've got questions I need to post on there! I did zero knitting yesterday. I attempted to work on my besotted while I was waiting on my fiance to come out of the bathroom @ Walmart but it's hard when you don't have your pattern with you. I left it in the car. We were on a mission. I had a short list of stuff I wanted needed. This list consisted of:
  • orange yarn
  • red dishcloth yarn
  • wool blend
Can you believe I went in with a list? I even whipped it out and have checks on the ones I managed to find. Walmart did not have any red dishcloth. I told my fiance that that was what I needed most. They had orange yarn in 3 different types and makers. I ended up getting a skein of bernat softee chunky in hot orange. I'm going to make some pumpkins! :) We went to Michael's to find some red dishcloth after I showed my fiance why I needed it so badly! I picked up 2 skeins of red sugar n' cream (why is it so expensive? Yes, $1.49 is expensive when you've seen dishcloth for $1.29!), a skein of orange sugar n' cream, and I splurged on some patons shetland chunky tweed for some knucks. It's all still sitting in a bag. I at least put my Walmart purchase with the Michael's stuff. Okay, I felt guilty so I just took a pic of what all I bought and I took a pic of my finished irish hiking wrist warmers. I'll try to get one up of me actually wearing them. That will require another photographer other than myself!
That's the yarn..
And below are my finished pair of irish hiking wrist warmers. :)Ohh, before we left on our excursion, I also did some work in my knitting book where I have photographs of all my finished objects. The latter most completed objects were photographed with my digital so they're saved on my computer. I need to go get them printed out though. In my book, I have a photo of the finished object, what it is, what size needles, how many stithces casted on, type of fiber, and the label of the yarn (if I still had it!). In the beginning, I wasn't big on keeping my labels. I might try to send the pics to Long's today if not tomorrow and then go pick them up (I can just walk there) so I can put them in my book. No sweater talk for today. I've kind of put it out of my brain for a bit on account of not having $$ for I want to post my question @ KR first. Then we'll see.

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  1. Wow, that notebook sounds like a good idea! I've always wanted to be one of the organized people. It hasn't worked out very well for me, yet. haha. We could start a cheapest sweater on earth kal. I might go to the goodwill and repurpose a wool sweater, if I can find a color and weight I like.


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