Monday, September 18, 2006

a new kal!

Let's try this again. I think when I want to blog I'm going to just use firefox from now on because ie and blogger are screwy together! Anyway, I just joined a new kal today. :) There's an Ivy kal! I was so excited to find it! I fell in love the minute I saw Ivy in the new knitty but I knew that currently, I don't have the $$ to buy new yarn particularly 11+ skeins! Maybe it will give me the motivation to work harder @ finding a job. It isn't helping that I want to find 'that' job. You know, the one where you're actually happy to be at and you don't have any issues with anyone or over anything. Why I decided now is when I want that job, I can't really say. I just do. I guess because it's getting to be time to settle down and I don't want to stay @ a job for x amount of years and find myself overworked, underappreciated, and unhappy again. Back to the yarn. I went to the elann site just to look @ yarn but I couldn't do it. I know if I start looking now, I'll want to buy some now and I'll get depressed and I might just apply for any old job and just take said any old job and regret it later. The Ivy designer is actually a part of the kal which I think is super cool. On her blog, she posted various substitutes for Ivy. I'm going to take a better look @ that a little later and decide if I want something for a warmer climate or a colder one. Did I mention yet that I'm kind of in a transition in knitting (not just in my career path!) and I'm dying to try out a sweater now. This was the summer of dishcloths and cables. How's about a good old fashioned sweater? It's funny because I had been looking for a nice wrap sweater and lo' and behold, here came Ivy. :) It was meant to be. Ivy will be the first of many (I hope!). In other knitting news, I completed one of my IHS wrist warmers yesterday in the car. I casted on and started the first row for the second one but that's as far as I got because it was already dark. I don't have a picture yet of the finished wrist warmer because I haven't done the seam yet. Hopefully I'll post that later today. :)

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  1. I'm ready to knit my first sweater. I totally understand the "that job" thing. The money for yarn thing, too. haha


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