Tuesday, September 12, 2006

talk about small world

I was looking @ the patterns in the latest issue of knitty (again) when I stumbled upon something. In particular, I was looking @ the avast pattern. I like it but the last time I followed one of yarn boys patterns I wanted to rip someone in half. So I'm only allowing myself to admire it from afar. Anyway, I was glancing underneath the main photo and underneath it, I recognized a name! I went to grad school with her. I spent 2 years of my life in classes with this person who I befriended once upon a time. We graduated and went separate ways. She remained in the bay area while I took a year off and last I heard she was still in the bay area teaching @ Jewish Day School. Little did I know she had gone off and married yarn boy. I tried to email her after I saw her name credited for the photo but the email address I have is old so I was perusing Jesse's blog and decided to just email him about it all. I asked him to fwd the email to her so we'll see what happens. Must be nice to have a husband that knits stuff for you. :)


  1. Cool! I'm missing and wondering about some of my old friends.

    ps. The st markers I made are just beads on a headpin, with a jump ring on one end. The twisting of the wires kind of hurts my hands, though. I guess I need better tools. lol

  2. I love those small world things (most of the time:)! And I love your comment about a pattern making you want to rip someone in half!

  3. alliesw-didn't that just sum it up? aren't there patterns that make you just wanna rip someone in half? or maybe I'm the only psycho!


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