Tuesday, September 26, 2006

pictures, pictures!

As requested, here is a pic of my bearclaw:
Whaddya think of that AR?
Here's the one that's on the needles still because I was too lazy to work on it last night. When I showed it to my fiance before we left to go to class, he said I was going to have to make one to match that one now. Um, no. We're done with bearclaws after this second one comes off the needles! At the top are the fingerholes. I realized during this process that if I really wanted to, I could make gloves but that's for another day. I like the tweed effect of this yarn. I just wish it wasn't so thick and chunky!! I figured out why the first one is so chunky and the second one isn't. It's all about sizing. The first ones are sized too big (finger-wise) and that's what makes it look so bulky. To kind of correct the bulkiness, I started decreasing whenever I pleased. The second one just looks so much better. I've been going back and forth with wanting to frog the first one and redo it but I really don't want to! Some perfectionist I am! Aside from the bearclaws, I finally have a pic of my irish hiking wrist warmers on. My fiance took the pic last night (because I finally remembered to ask him!). Sorry there's no face. It's all his fault!It's a bit blurry but the other pic, I didn't particularly like. I told him it looked like I had them on my feet! This next pic is of the heart cloth I made for my fiance. He likes hearts. This project is why I needed to get red dishcloth so badly last week.I wanted to start on a pumpkin last night but I don't have dpns big enough for my yarn. The biggest set I have are 8s and I don't think I've seen dpns larger than that, @ least not lately. Plus, there's the having no $$ to spend frivolously factor so I'll have to wait a bit. Oh yeah,AR, I have the pattern for the ninepatch already (thank you for sharing the link though!) but I can't get the mitered squares to be the same size as the other squares. Mine come out long and stretchy right where the 2 triangles meet.


  1. Ha, ha great pictures! My corners are a little pointy. That's why I crochet or knit a border on 'em. They get all stretched out when I use 'em anyway. So, why no picture of your misshapen dishcloth? hehehe

  2. Love those gloves, and the heart is too cute. What's the pumpkin you're thinking about? Crystal Palace, Clover and Daisy all make DPNs in bigger sizes, just to 'egg" you on!

  3. I love your gloves. They are on my list to make. Very nice color and stitch pattern!


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