Saturday, September 16, 2006

what I've been up to

So I attempted the ninepatch dishrag because I thought I was ahead of the game and knew what the next dishcloth was going to be for the dishcloth kal when the hint given was something about using scrap yarns! I finished it in one night. I obviously didn't have a grand time with the miter squares. I don't know why. The bottom left one is knitted the way the MD gals said to do it but I didn't like it. So I tried to modify it three times in three different ways and none of them ended up being one that worked out well. I gave it to my fiance because he selected the pattern of colors for me. He liked the stripes right in the middle. I preferred them going diagonal. Whatcha gonna do? So I gave it to him. I asked him what was he going to use it for and he said he'd tell me once I finished it. I finished it and he still couldn't tell me. I told him he should use it as a coaster because he always puts his cups on the carpet and sometimes the cups are sweaty so the carpet gets damp. So he's going to use it as a coaster. This next one I tried to start and finish yesterday. That didn't happen. We had to take a friend to the airport so I wasn't home to knit. I didn't bring it with me because I like knitting with either daylight or lights. I don't like knitting with the car light on! I was incorrect in guessing what this installment of the dishcloth kal was going to be. It wasn't the ninepatch. It was a log cabin. I only really have 2 dishcloth yarn leftovers which have been for the garterlac and the swish with a twist I did. So I used those two and incorporated bernat sox that i had leftover. It's not perfect but it's done. As I worked on it yesterday, I sat on my bed looking at my other dishcloths and thought maybe I'll weave them altogether and make a mishmosh blanket. I guess we'll see. Also in my absence, I have started a pair of IHS wrist warmers to go with my IHS that I'm going to finish, eventually!


  1. Cute dishcloths. I have a nine patch going with scrap yarn. I changed the miter a little bit, but now I can't remember what I did!

  2. well, when you remember it (if!) please send it my way! I remember your first ninepatch looked perfect-the one where you did the crochet edging!


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