Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I am so excited to tell you all that tomorrow I only have to go downtown in the morning and then my work day will be over. :) My clients whose home I drive to cancelled. Some even better news is that I no longer have anybody that comes into the center on Fridays so I will get three day weekends. Thank goodness!!!! With the added extra time, I'll be able to catch up on stuff like blogging, knitting, answering my mail, and keeping up with the blogs I read. I can't wait. In other news, I discovered a thermal kal! :) I was at cosmicpluto's blog. Just what I needed. Others to enable me through this process. I realized last night that I don't have the right needles!!!!!!!!! I did cast on for my traveling vines scarf last night though. I couldn't wait! I also finished up the stitch markers I started last night at work this afternoon. :) I'll post a pic tomorrow while I'm lounging here at home. :) I will also post my answers to the sp 10 questionnaire tomorrow. I'm not quite finished yet.


  1. Long weekend! That's great :) Weekends as it is go buy so if we could only make the time go by slower ;)

    happy knitting :)


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