Friday, February 16, 2007

valentine's goodness

I'm a couple days late but my excuse is illness. It's amazing how easily a flu or any kind of sickness for that matter can eat away at your brain! lol. This is the second handmade card I've ever made. I gave it to my fiance. :)
This would be the flower arrangement that was waiting for me from my fiance when I got home from work on Valentine's Day. It was next to a gift basket from this very cool shop, freesia not too far from our house. I was also gifted with a 10 gallon fish tank for my fishies. I haven't transferred them over yet because we don't have anywhere to put the tank just yet. By the way, my poor little fishie apparently isn't sick after all. My fiance asked at the pet shop where we get all of our fishies and the owner said maybe one of the other fish had bitten her! Poor baby. She's in her own little pad for right now until I notice her fin completely healed (if that's possible!).
And this would be the flower arrangement he got for my sister for Valentine's Day. He also got her a lamp for her fish tank. You can see the box actually in the bottom left-hand side of this pic! :)
My throat isn't hurting as much-of course this is now day 8 of sickness so you'd think it'd start to not hurt as much by now! I've turned the house into my own giant-sized humidifier and have been cranking up the heater and it's been working. I don't want to have to speak though! :( That will ruin all my efforts!
I was at earlier this morning contemplating whether or not I should buy my own ball winder. I had a 50% off coupon and was going to order one for myself and everything and then I remembered that my sister still owed me a Christmas gift. :D I sent her the link but haven't heard back from her yet! I used another coupon (free shipping!) to get my hands on some size 2 circulars for my thermal. I hope that they'll be the right size! Okay, I think I am going to hop in the shower, get ready for my one client that I have today and maybe cast on for my fake isle hat. :)


  1. Glad you had a great Valentine's Day! Get better now!

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous! If they don't make you feel better...nothing else will :)

    Hope you are 100% well real soon :)

  3. wow! Your fiancee has most excellent taste in flowers - they're beautiful, and so much nicer than the usual thing you see!! Lucky you! Lydia

  4. Beautiful flowers! And how sweet is he to get your sister flowers too!

    I keep going back and forth on whether or not to use the 50% off coupon on a ball winder! I've been putting it off for monthw now! I just feel bad my hobby is so much more expensive than my husbands! lol

  5. I love the card you made. It's so pretty. It's so sweet of your fiance to include your sister, too. Pretty flowers!!

    I love practical gifts, too. Maybe your fishies will be better behaved in a bigger tank. hehe, naughty little goldfish.

  6. I forgot to say: I love my ball winder. I got it a few Christmases ago, and I use it all of the time. 50% off is always good, too. :)

  7. thanks lydia! :) he's got a secret place that he goes to get me flowers..I still have no idea where it is! he's very good about not getting the 'standard' bouquet. :)


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