Saturday, February 24, 2007

some fo's

First I have to say that Windansea has alerted me to the fact that I didn't post a pic of my finished fake isle hat. Here's one. I guess I forgot to add it to the post. Should my mind go blank again and I fail to provide you with a link to a pic you'll most likely find one here. I just finished hakucho's hob nail cloth last night. And I casted on for my thermal. I think it's going to be slow goings. It took forever just to do the first round of the twisted rib. I'm going to email cosmicpluto to see if she can shed some light on how to make the neckline higher. Last night, I also decided while working with kp's gloss that I could probably use it for my long-awaited ivy. Remember that thing?? lol. I thought about using kp's telemark (since it's cheaper) but when I went back to the ivy kal blog, I think I read that someone was using it but it was just okay. I don't want a just okay sweater. Now I just need to decide on what color I'm going to use. I figured I'd go with something basic that would go with everything so I'm debating between dusk and your basic black. I wish there was a charcoal gray in gloss..there's a grey wolf in telemark and I really like that shade. We'll see. I will most likely keep looking because I kind of want it in a charcoal gray since I'm doing thermal in the color I would've done my ivy! Before I forget, my friend, knitting mama, is hosting a Spring Stitch Marker Exchange if anyone is interested in joining. Sign-ups are until March 15th. :) How's that for some free advertising? ;)


  1. If you haven't knit with KP yarn in dusk before, my word of caution is that it's darker than in the pics. It's not really navy, but it's a dark blue, and I don't care for it as much as I might have loved another shade--and blue is my favorite color!

    Can't wait to see your thermal.

  2. Your fake isle hat is really cute -and so is the dishcloth! Can't wait to see thermal - I really like that pattern...

  3. I bookmarked the fake isle pattern...yours is prettier that the one pictured in the pattern :)
    Love it!

    happy knitting :)

  4. Ooh, I love the ivy sweater. I'll bet you'll come up with something really great for it.

  5. thanks for the comment! your hob-nail cloth is really nice, too! the cable footies were quite easy (my first pair of socks!) and they went really quickly.

    i really liked the thermal pattern when i saw it on knitty, but the tiny needles completely turned me off! hope yours goes quickly! : )


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