Tuesday, February 13, 2007

still sick

Yes, I'm still freakin' sick! :P I did not go to work yesterday and I didn't go to the school this morning but I plan on seeing my three siblings later today. I hope I'll be okay. I haven't taken anything for my throat yet. I'm kind of getting tired of taking stuff when it's not even going to work. I felt as though I was only coating the problem over the weekend. It's super hard to swallow. I've gargled with salt water, lozenges, liquids, etc. Nothing is working.
Yet in these last days of sickness, I've been able to get some knitting done. :) I finished two projects! So that's gotta tell me something-that I'm at least getting better. In the first few days of my sickness, I didn't want to do anything!
Oh, I finally got around to taking a pic of my stitch markers that I made last week too. :)

In non-knitting news, something is wrong with one my fishies. It's my smallest one and she's only using one of her front fins to swim. :( I'm worried!!!!


  1. Sending you a feel better wish & as well to your fishie!

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well.

    NIce stitch markers!

  3. Get better!

    I love your stitch markers! They look great.

    Hope your little fishie will be ok.


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