Friday, February 9, 2007

some craftiness (but no knitting!)

I am sick. I've been sick since I got home from a trip to both Joann's and Michael's. I was supposed to hit up both Yarns Unlimited and Wildfiber in Santa Monica and stop by work on my way home to leave some stuff there. Didn't happen. I felt weird at Michael's and thankfully I was pretty much done in there so I left. Once home, my head ached, my legs felt weak, and I had the chills. Fun stuff. I didn't take anything until the evening hit. Thank goodness I didn't have my Thursday afternoon clients and thank goodness, I don't have a Friday client anymore either. I thought I was okay today. My fever (didn't even realize I had one!) seemed to have broken last night because I woke up sweaty! :P So I spent my first Friday of no work being sick rather than knitting. I could've knit but I didn't. I was busy trying to untangle all my yarn that got tangled up while I was winding it onto a yarn daisy. (note to self: I need a ball winder, a real one. One that attaches to a table.) It took me all of two hours to work through the tangled mess I created (I couldn't even tell you how it happened!).
did manage to work on this though:
It's my first handmade card! :) I also made a valentine's day card but I will wait to post it. My friend's bday is the day before Valentine's Day and I always send her a card no matter what. With other friends, my card sending kind of fell by the wayside but there are a few people who I
do still send bday cards to. :o
I went to Target today too. I know, I'm crazy. I realized it after the fact that maybe going there wasn't a good idea! I had a feeling that my sister would want to go after work but I didn't think I'd make it that long. :( I picked up some stuff for my fiance for valentine's day
and I picked up some stuff for my downstream favorite color swap 2 sp. :) I also ordered her some stuff online. My first elann's order! :) I hope it gets here soon!
Ohh, and this is a little message to my upstream sp. Have you seen the ginger crystallized in dark chocolate bars at Target????? I had some ginger tea (to sooth my throat!) earlier and thought of you too. :)
I have to say that I have participated in two other swaps aside from the favorite color swap 2 but I have to say that this time around, this swap is exactly how I imagined a secret swap would be like--emailing back and forth with my sp's, really getting to know them, etc. So thank you to the hostesses over at fcs2! :) Oh yeah, I can't wait for sp10 to start up! Speaking of which, I need to put up my sp 10 questionnaire! Happy Friday!!!!!!


  1. Hope you feel better today. I love your hand made card! Very nice :)

  2. Love your card. It's so cute.

    Hope you're feeling better! Good thing you got to rest and not have to work when you were feeling so ill.


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