Tuesday, June 19, 2007

loopy ewe & some knitting

Here's my first loopy ewe purchase (thanks to Sarah. lol). My order arrived on Saturday but I didn't get a chance to post pics until today and I know Sarah wanted to see what I got! So here they are altogether. And here the are individually.
2 skeins of stone barn fibers in angela,
1 skein of perchance to knit in neon rainbow black,
and 1 skein of fleece artist seawool in origin. Can you tell I was trying to stem away from the neon kick I was apparently on when I went shopping??
Here's how I spent my first day of vacation--working on my first lace shawl. It's the Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl. I was using the kelp bed I received from Crissy.
Here's a close-up of the stitching. Okay, are you sitting down?? I ended up frogging it because, had I continued knitting this pattern with this yarn (that was made for sport-weight yarn!), I would have way too many stitches on my needles and it'd take me a lifetime to complete. In the first pic of this shawl, I was already up to 100 stitches and the pattern said that I'd be done when there was 195. Um, yeah..no thanks. SO, I need to find another easy shawl pattern to work on for the summer.
Since I frogged my shawl, and I couldn't decide on a sock pattern to knit, I just casted on for my chevron scarf. Here it is so far. I dunno yet what I think of the color combo but it's growing on me. My fiance already wants one for himself so whatever is leftover from the farmhouse cake, I will use on a chevron for him! ;)
My blogiversary is approaching next month--July 13th to be exact (I think!) and I've decided that I'm going to offer up a prize in honor of my blogiversary. :) I'm still deciding but it will definitely be a gift certificate and I'm thinking that it'll either be to the loopy ewe or amazon. Elann might be an option as well. We'll see. :)
Oh and I've got a confession to make too--I thought I was gonna be someone's angel for sp10 and I went to the loopy ewe site to see if there was anything I could get said angel. I ended up getting two skeins for myself and it turns out I don't have to be an angel after all. Sigh..maybe I need to designate August as my month to swear off the yarn!!


  1. Since we are confessing... I joined the Chewy Spaghetti sock club. Stop me! I'll have no money for the SoCal yarn crawl! Gah! I blame it on still being a newish knitter. The first year I knit I really only bought what I need, I think it's taken me till a few months ago to actually get the yarn addiction. heh.

    It's a shame you had to frog the shawl it was looking gorgeous! I like the chevron, it's like a fun rainbow. And how much am I loving the Angela? Too much! Must. Resist.

  2. ooooh, g-girl! ALL of your stuff is soooo pretty! I love, love, love the chevron scarf (of course, you knew I would....;) I might even have to steal your color combo! That's okay, right? cuz I live far away and no one will ever know! You are so good at the color choices!

  3. Pretty yarn! I have the neon rainbow yarn too - its so nice. Its too bad you frogged the shawl - it was really pretty! Great chevron - beautiful color combo.

  4. Oh, your yarn is so pretty! I love that pink and black. I've been thinking about dyeing some those colors. I just love how your shawl is turning out, too! All the colors you chose are great!

    Can you tell I love brights? LOL

  5. There is nothing wrong with a little Loopy Ewe, hon! Gorgeous stuff!
    Your shawl looks a lot like the Fiber Trends Leaf Lace Shawl that I'm working on....hmmmm....

    The chevron looks great - I'm waiting on my yarn from Blue Moon so I can start mine. Can't wait!

  6. I love all your new knitting...I'm jealous...you have such yummy yarn to knit with!!!

  7. love the chevron scarf, the colours are wonderful. I just bought a skein of seawool and 'am looking for the perfect sock pattern to use it for.

    Hey, lefty buddy, I have knit 4 socks [not 4 pairs, just socks] and always have a tough time grafting. What method do you use? When I follow grafting instructions the grafting row ends up twisted, when I exchange 'knitwise' for 'purlwise' and vise-versa the row looks like garter stitch. What I have been doing is inserting the needle into the back of the stitch but that twists the rows on ether side of the graft row. Any advise?
    thanks, g-girl

  8. the shawl.... I've seen it IRL and it's really gorgeous... love your yarn acquisitions

  9. What colors are you using on this chevron? Just Farmhouse? Curious cause I do like the tie-dye style of the scarf. Thanks!


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