Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I can breathe. finally.

Well, my final was yesterday and I think I actually did well on it...we'll see though because I tend to leave feeling as though I did well and then I find out that I didn't do as well as I had hoped! I'm just glad to be done with that class. Would you believe my teacher announced that she decided halfway through this semester that this was going to be her last one @ our school? How I wish she had decided this last year so I wouldn't even have had to suffer. Oh well. We all wondered why her name was nowhere to be found in the spring schedule. There isn't anything that I want to take though. She has kind of soured me towards the idea of becoming a director--@ least within the near future! My focus has changed and has returned to teaching. The Kelter Center trainings have been killing me. I told AR that I am going to try to skip tomorrow because I honestly have not had a day to just be. Where I can sleep in, get up, check my email, read blogs, knit, watch some tv, and just relax. I need some calm before the storm and I'm feeling overloaded with all this new information I've been taking in that my new boss is expecting me to be able to regurgitate right back to her and I mean fast! I don't learn that way. I need to be able to let stuff marinate for a while so I can think on it. I don't get that. So I'm going to take a mental break but cry diarrhea. :O I'll still be working while I'm home though going over the stuff she wants me to learn. I just don't feel confident enough to perform (just in front of a supervisor!) just yet. I finished two cloths in the last couple of days. I started working (again!) on a pair of fingerless mitts for my sister in that pink yarn I have yet to use! I also need to figure out a pattern for the scarf I want to make her. Guess I'll be able to do that tomorrow. :) I have to pack tomorrow too for my trip back home. I can't wait to see my little niece! :) My fiance and I are also going to dine @ the Steinbeck House. I've never eaten there (and I was born and raised in Salinas!). We are leaving early for Salinas just so we can do lunch there because it will be closed for the season on Saturday. I made reservations @ the beginning of this month and just need to call in with what time we plan on showing up. :) I wish we had been able to go there last week because the food sounded better! Oh well. Okay, back to my work I go. :P Just wanted to check in. Hope everyone's keeping warm and is almost done (if not completely done!) with all their holiday shopping!!

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