Wednesday, December 20, 2006

the 'year' in review meme

Now, since I've only been blogging for six months, it'll be brief. :) I've seen this on many a blog and wanted to do my own but of course with all the training I was doing, I barely had time to breathe let alone blog. But, here I am, playing hookey and I can do whatever I want!!! :) Do know this though-that I'm still going to be looking over my training stuff even though I didn't go for training. Talk about obsessed. July: I stumbled upon a cool KAL that I'm totally going to join. August: This would be bootie #1 for my future niece. :) September: But I will probably post something tomorrow. October: Well, I got back late last night from home and guess what? November: I tried posting some of my Halloween pics here yesterday and I couldn't win with blogger. December: So I'm a bad substitute teacher. It's been a great six months and here's to many more. :)


  1. Mine's gonna have to wait a bit longer (just being near the computer has me crawling out of my skin, I feel like I've been tethered here since December started) but I want to do a year-in-review one too. See you next year!


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