Thursday, December 14, 2006

I'm back--for now!

Ohhh, have I missed being able to blog and having knitterly news to blog about! Today, I got out of my training early because the other gal was way too sick to go on. Plus, she should've stayed home anyway but she's a trooper! I didn't knit a stitch yesterday and my nerves were feelin' it today! I brought theat 5-hour sweater which I am close to finishing to work on during our lunch break today!
So here's the sweater a few days ago. I swear it would've been finished by now had I not need to train for my new job! And this is what it looks like now.
I still have to seam up the one arm and block it but it's almost done!! I'm sure the knitting part will be completed before the end of the night. :) Yay!!! I ordered some new size 2 dpns because the ones I have are way too bendy. I haven't touched my first toe-ups because of that! Apparently, I'm supposed to teach my brother's gf how to knit on circulars and with dpns. She's made a blanket. I don't particularly think she has any interest to learn to knit other stuff if all she has in her repertoire is a blanket. I kind of don't want to bring too much knitting paraphernalia while we're home because I have a ton of preparations to do for this new job. I already possibly have 3 clients. The way my director wants it to go is she figures I can work with these 3 new clients 2 days a week (an hr. a piece) and then I can come into the center MWF!!!!!!!!!! Luckily it's after school or I don't know how I'd even cope (when would I get knitting could I hang out with my goldfish..when would I get dinner done...etc!). Here are a couple of pics from that movie my fiance participated in last weekend. This is him in the Rumsfeld mask. Here's our pumpkin (the same one pictured with the pumkin I knitted how many months ago?? ). I'm glad to be finally rid of it. We had such plans for it but they never came to fruition. Oh well. I don't really know anything about the movie other than the political bent and that it's a silent one. Oh yeah, and my fiance does have a scene (maybe more than that, I don't know!) where he is maskless. This Saturday is my new work's Christmas party. I have to say that I really like our office team and the other teachers that I've met are all very nice and cool. My director is awesome. It amazes me how simple everything is that I'm learning but it's not how we were all taught and I'm trying to break out of that mold and accept this new one that I'm being given. Okay, onto some laundry and more knitting!!!


  1. Glad your back. Your 5 hour sweater is beautiful. I love the color. I'm still stuggling trying to get a few dishcloths done....but I did make sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies(not rolled out because I'm lazy) today! Busy time of the year!

    Happy knitting :)

  2. wow - you had a pumpkin that lasted all the way till now? It looks like it's in good shape, too!! here the slugs get them if they're on the porch too long!! yuck! Lydia

  3. We have a couple of pumpkins sitting in the garage still! They are fine, since they weren't cut into. We're going to bake the seeds, but I'd probably do it soon!

  4. lydia,

    yes, we still had a pumpkin that lasted this long! we didn't put it out. We kept it indoors the whole time-maybe that's why it kept so well.


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