Wednesday, December 6, 2006

where to start..

I don't even know where to begin!! It feels like it's been forever since I have posted. I've just been preoccupied with life stuff. As you all know, I subbed yesterday @ the school in the Palisades and those 2nd graders are monsters! I don't know if it was having a sub or what but they were unreal! This class definitely knows how privileged they are and apparently flaunt it. The teacher I worked with yesterday was telling me how they'll even try to bargain with them (the teachers) to get out of stuff. The kids will say, "If I give you this...will you give me that?" She said the class is insane naturally. She and the lead teacher don't know what to do and have just accepted the fact that this is how their class is. They call out, sing out, and seem to lack both discipline and respect. The teacher was talking over them! I actually felt more like a teacher in this classroom though because she gave me stuff to do! I also had to help make sure they were on task (because she couldn't do it alone!) They were so distracted!! I don't even know how many times I had to ask some of them to stop talking and listen to their teacher! Ugh. There are 16 kids in the class and I'd say at least 5 of them were out and out brats. They can't even follow simple directions like raise your hand when you want to speak, or please stop singing or even please do not play around with these because I am going to want them back when we're done with the activity. They can't even sit still for very long!! Talk about pure torture. I had to be with them from 12:45pm until 2pm. Their lucky teacher got time away from them. I'm hoping to not hear from the school for a while. I need a break. If they call again for the 2nd grade class, I might have to think twice about it. Carole, do you do middle school or high school? I couldn't imagine having to deal with 193 children a day! I finished two objects and a pic of one of them is posted here. I plan to cast on for @ least three different projects today. I hope I can do it. I need to get started on the dishcloth fun cloth. I wanted to wait until there were at least 20 rows posted though so I wouldn't get too anxious!I also need to cast on for the 5-hour baby sweater. I really like it in the variegated so I went out and tried to find some nice variegated baby yarn but there wasn't much of a selection. I picked up some lion brand stuff-can't remember the name of it but I liked the colors. I'll try to post pics of whatever I've accomplished tomorrow! I also need to cast on for this super cute penguin hat I saw in a mini-mag I picked up @ the grocery store. :) I'm going to wait until I get to the face part and then worry about enlarging the chart! Now I do have some pics to post but they're not of knitting. I thought they'd be fun though. My sister had a Christmas party to attend this past Saturday evening and had no idea how to do her hair. She knew how she pictured it to look but didn't know how to make it look the way she wanted. So in comes my fiance. I figured he'd know how to show her how to use a curling iron because she's not very curling iron savvy and here are some pics of them playing beauty shop. I was online reading blogs last Friday night!This was the 'practice run' but she ended up not having time @ all to do her hair because she had to leave right from work to get to her friend's and that was the night of the UCLA/USC game. So she had traffic with a capital T. She did enjoy it though and he did too!

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  1. Your new dishcloth looks adorable. The purl rows just add character. You know, so it's not exactly the same as everyone else's.

    Your fiance and sis look so cute! LOL!


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