Thursday, December 21, 2006

some knitting, stitch markers, and a gingerbread house!

What a semi-productive day I've had-@ least knitting-wise! I managed to finish my sister's fingerless mitts when it was still Thursday night. They're actually really warm. They are over here. Ohh! now I remember my real reason for blogging before going to bed. I wanted to post pics of my stitch markers. I've been making some here and there and I sat down and made some last night. :) I'm not going to bring any bead-related items to my parents. I doubt that I'll get to any of it. I will be bringing those widdershins that have been waiting to be worked on because I now have size 2 dpns that aren't all bendy and wonky! I've got a few more things to pack up but I think we'll be ready to leave later today @ 10...if we get to bed soon!!
I worked on the angel ones last night before dinner. I just happend to pick those charms up over the weekend and in my shipment from Joann's that came yesterday, I had the Christmas ornamenty beads. :)Also, my sister worked on her gingerbread house. Oh, I didn't take pics of my gingerbread man or my Christmas tree. Oh well. Here are some pics of her house that both my fiance and I had a hand in. I decorated the roof and he did the window coverings. :) This is the front of the house. This is the back of the house. This is one side of the house. See the pretty drapes? ;) Thanks to Sarah and Tiennie for doing that meme. :) I know that the rest of you are working on it so no worries. :) Like I said, there's no rush and you don't even have to do it if you don't feel like it! Okay, good night all! :)


  1. Get sick for one day, and look how much I miss!

    Your sister's gingerbread house is so cute! I love the mitts you did, too, but your stitch markers are gorgeous! Great job.

  2. Cute stitch markers and gingerbread houses! No prob about the meme. It was actually kinda fun after all!

  3. I love love the top set of stitch markers (with the flowers!) If you really do want to swap - let me know! We can do a private homemade stitch marker swap - I just need to know your fave colors and what you hate! :)

  4. I wish I could make stitch markers! Yours are great! I don't even know what all I'd need! ha

  5. nice house!

    I just bought the circle thingies to make some markers. I already have a slew of beads. Guess that's next on the list of things to do (after the IL leave)


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