Saturday, December 9, 2006

my first stitch markers ever!

So we went to Michaels and Target last night like I had wanted to and here's what I made when we got back. After I made the first set (which are the clear ones with the red flowers in the center!), I told my fiance that when he came back home today from work and from the movie he's in, all my beads will probably be gone! I wish someone had told me how dangerous of a new hobby this is going to be! I was specifically looking for holiday charms (which I had seen on the website!) but they didn't have them. Oh well. Maybe next time. My fiance apparently is an expert. There was some tutoring going on as he was showing how to do certain things. AR, I was showing him how you twisted the wire on yours and made them look fancy! He did it and I's gonna be a while before I can do that myself! His mom does beadwork and he can't wait for us to go see her so he can tell her I've learned to make stitch markers! :) In regards to the movie--who knew Hollywood would actually invade my blog one day. He's doing a part in a low budget indie film with a political bent. I'm supposed to be in it as well (as an extra) but I don't want to and I'm actually supposed to meet up with the gal I did my training with last week to go over the stuff we learned but I'm really going to be shopping with my sister! We may get some new goldfish today too. :) Tomorrow, I'm doing more shopping but with my fiance. I don't know how our director really fathomed the idea of the two of us getting together during the holiday crunch. Who wants to do something academic right now?? I can tell you I sure don't! Oh yeah, did you all hear--bloglines is hiring!!!!!!


  1. Nice stitch markers. I need to get some from
    The spumoni cookies are in the Betty Crocker's
    Cookbook by Golden books page 110. They are pretty. Taste might be another story.
    Good luck with that movie stuff. Sounds like fun.

  2. Great job! Those make mine look sad! LOL

    You been drinkin' the bloglines kool-ade? haha

  3. Love your stitch markers. They really are pretty and you know what? ...if you have "ring" earrings they can double as earring charms!

  4. What lovely stitch markers. Now I feel like making them.


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