Monday, December 4, 2006

chilly monday morning

So I'm a bad substitute teacher. I have been called (counting today!) three times by the private school in the Palisades and I've said no twice already. The first time, because the day after we were leaving for Thanksgiving and I wanted to pack and just rest. The second time, I started training with the Kelter Center (last Monday) and this morning they called. My fiance picked up, saw that it was an "Out of Area" number and he hung up. lol. Great. I knew it was the school because they are the only ones who'll call me at so early. The first two times were around 7. Today he called after 8. They needed me today-I have my paper to finish for tonight, reading to do, and I still need to go by the school where I interviewed the director to pick up a pamphlet! They also need me tomorrow though. Hm. So I will be going in tomorrow and I'll be helping out in the 2nd grade class. Today I would've been in the 1st grade. I'm so bummed. Oh well. I'm sure there will be other opportunities. In regards to knitting, I've been working on a secret project. I've frogged it at least three times but I'm now at the point where the pattern is coming easy. I started a swatch for my sister's cabled scarf but I'm having issues and just might have to post on KR for some guidance. I'm trying to combine two different cable stitches into one panel and it's not coming out right. I've only done a couple of rows but something is not right. I'm not sure how many stitches I need to decrease when combining different cables. I have a center cable that is enclosed by two other cable stitches. I'll work on it some more Wednesday. I was perusing windansea's blog the other day when I saw her super cute 5 hour baby sweater! I really liked her version so I went out to pick up some yarn to make one for my niece. I found a pattern that is bigger too. :) I have yet to cast on but am ready to! I have yet to start on any of the dishcloths for my kal's so don't anyone tell me what they are unless I ask you to!! I may start the monthly dishcloth kal today so I don't just have one project going on. Okay, off to start the rest of my homework day! Happy Monday! ETA: It's only 11:30 (PST) and I've finished and printed up my two papers due. All I have left is to read tonight's chapter (which is short!) and pick up that pamphlet and all my homework is done. Yahoo!!!!!! I can knit soon! :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ P.S. I noticed that mostly everyone who has taken the Stress test that I got from AR are more stressed than I am but that's because I don't have children of my own! So when I do start having children, someone will have to remind me to take this test again so I can see how quickly times have changed and so I can remember my not-so stressed out life that I used to have! lol.


  1. Yeah, have a couple of kids, and see how stressed you are. Hahaha!

    Hope you figure your cable pattern out. I've only done a few cabled things.

  2. It's amazing you can be a substitute teacher! My kids are all I can handle some days - and even then it's iffy!

  3. try 3 of your own and 700 some little munchkins during the day (OK I don't have all 700 in one day... Only about 190 per day.... I'm actually surprised my number was as low as it is....


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