Thursday, December 7, 2006

I heart bloglines and some knitting

hakucho talked about how slow her knitting has been lately in her blog. Anyone else feeling that way? I know that I'm right there with her! Maybe that's why I decided to cast on for three different projects yesterday so I could feel more productive. If you could only see the kitchen table right now! This would be the beginnings of the yoke for my niece's 5 hour sweater. I 'tried it on' last night and I said, "It feels a bit tight." My fiance's response was, "Of course it is, it's not for you!!"I'm not sure what size baby this cardi will fit. I guess I'll find out once I give it to my niece! This would be the very beginnings of her penguin hat. That also is going to be a bit bit as the pattern doesn't say what size baby head it will fit. Oh well. I'm almost to the pattern rows. I've just gotta do 3 more rows of ribbing. :) Here's my cloth for the dishcloth fun kal. lol. I actually was up to row 9 when I realized I casted on too many stitches so I frogged and could only stand to do one row. I think next time, I won't try to cast on three projects at once-particularly ones that all call for knitting the first I dunno, 6 rows before getting down to some real knitting! In case you're wondering what is that big round green thing on my kitchen table amidst all the knitting, patterns, and xmas cards, it's a pommelo. I love them. I'm waiting for them to ripen. They're better than grapefruits because they're actually sweet! Liz posted a link to a song in the comments portion of my left-handed post.I thought it was funny so I wanted to share it with you all in case you didn't click on the link yourself! CPS just commented about how her hubby won't read my blog because he (also left-handed!) tells others that they're handicapped right-handers! Now, I am a lover of right-handed people. Heck, 98% of the people I know are right-handed! But when I find out that someone is left-handed like me, I think..someone like me!! Someone who had to struggle in school like I did. Someone who possibly was told "You need to write with this hand, not that one" like I was. :( You right-handers have it easy! Now why I heart bloglines. I am really, really bad at keeping up with blogs that I haven't subscribed to via bloglines. Some of you may have noticed that I haven't commented in forever well that's cos I can't keep up with all the ones I read, until today!!!!!!!!! I wish I had thought of this sooner. Guess that's what happens when you've got time on your hands. So I went through and did a search of all the blogs I like reading that I don't already have on bloglines to see if I could add them on bloglines and thankfully, everyone's got a feed!!!!!!! I was making up for lost time too. Who knew that literally everyone has a feed there. I sure didn't. The things you learn....


  1. Great orange yarn! Your lil' niece will look so cute in a penguiny hat. Aww!

    Wow, that song was funny .... I mean harsh! He must be jealous of lefties.

  2. Hey. Send me an email at (got your comment from IRISH HIKING SCARF KAL) and I'll invite you to my blog. It's currently PRIVATE due to a stalker situation. Sorry for the set-back!

  3. Don't get me wrong, I have the greatest respect for lefties, and you guys do have certain advantages. I think I've mentioned before in my blog that I'm a fencer. Over half of the world's top fencers are left-handed, compared to 10% of the general population. It gives them a decided advantage, unless their sword breaks and there are no other lefties to borrow from.

    I heart bloglines too.

  4. Thank you for all your nice comments in my blog! Odessa is really fun to knit (which is a good thing, since the recipient may have lost it five minutes after I gave it to her ... :)
    I love all your new projects, and how the colors are all of a theme.

  5. All those yarns look so sweet together! You'll have fun knitting with those colors.

    I love being a leftie!

  6. I have bloglines? lol I don't even know how that works! Either way I'm glad you are able to keep up with my blog now. :)

  7. Bloglines changed my life, lol!! I can keep up now. And now I have to go visit Liz up there in the comments because two of my girls fence, one lefthanded (cuz she can, not cuz she's lefthanded!). See how great reading blogs is? I should never work at all. Lydia

  8. I'm a lefty too---remember always having black stuff on the back of your hand from writing with a pencil or dark pen? That still drives me nuts! LOL!

    I'll have to check out the bloglines thing, too---I'm starting to have a hard time keeping up as well! :!


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