Friday, December 8, 2006

lots of baking, some knitting, and blogger beta anyone?

First I should tackle the comments because some of you I couldn't just email back a response to your comment and not only am I bad with keeping up with blogs I didn't have on bloglines but I'm also bad @ checking back to see if someone commented back to my comment! Liz, I had no idea about over half of the top fencers being left-handed. How do they have an advantage? Can you tell I don't know much about fencing? :( Hilary, I hadn't even noticed that I had a theme going! lol. Thanks for pointing that out to me! :) Windansea, Bloglines is starting to change my life now! I'm normally an organized person so it helped to organize another aspect of my life! Oh wow, two of your girls fence? That's awesome!
Okay, now for some baking. :)
In the muffin tins, I have chocolate pecan tartlets! It was the first time I had made them but I will definitely be making these puppies again! I also made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies just cos I knew I'd be using the oven so why not. The last picture is a pic of everything I baked last night. :) I finally sat down to do some knitting late last night-after we made a run to the store to pick up a new shower head. We realized that it needed to be put to rest. We knew something was up and rather than call our landlord and wait for him to get here say tomorrow, we dealt with it ourselves. I have yet to use our new shower head but my fiance says his shower this morning was great. I so wanted to take another shower last night after we put it in but it was already almost midnight! Here's some knitting: It's been a while since I did some late night knitting. I won't even say how late I stayed up! If you remember correctly, when you saw this last, I had only done the brim of the hat and now it's little penguin face is forming! :) I did a bit of work on the 5 hour sweater. I'm to the point where I'm going to be putting in the place markers. I haven't knitted a stitch of the dishcloth though. Now this brings me to blogger beta, anyone? I found out this morning that I can no longer access the dishcloth fun kal because the moderator has switched to blogger beta. How in the hell am I going to get the next few rows for the dishcloth? Since I do not have a blogger beta account, the moderator is supposed to send me another invite and I have to log in using my gmail account. I've emailed her and haven't received a response. hakucho, tammy, and carole do either of you have the next few rows??? Can you tell that I'm annoyed? I feel kind of like I'm being forced to switch over just so I can get the next few rows of a cloth that I haven't even really worked on. Hmm...maybe this is a sign telling me screw the cloth. :) I'm not ready to make the switch to beta yet. It took me long enough to get my blog looking the way I want it to look and now I have to do it all over again? Ay. Plus I figured I'd wait it out till I saw in my dashboard that I could make the switch. In my idealistic mind, I'm thinking by that point, I should be able to just completely transfer and I won't have any problems. I can dream, can't I?? Ohh, I just remembered that starting next week, I won't be on as much as I typically am because my training with the Kelter Center will begin. I'll be out of the blogger loop (@ least during the daytime!) this coming Monday-Thursday and the following week just Monday and Tuesday...but then I'm going home and those of you that have been keeping up with me for a while know that home=dial-up. Sigh....Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!


  1. The hat's coming along very well. Cute, and those tartletts look yummy!

    I've been debating the beta thing with myself. I still don't know what to do.


  2. I have to say....I make pecan tassies, which looked very much like your little tartlets and now I'll have to go make them as you made me hungry.

  3. We have been in a baking mode yesterday and today. Made chocolate chip cookies and the dough for Christmas cookies and spumoni cookies that we will cut out and cook tonight. Also want to do Christmas balls and church windows:)

  4. The beta is almost exactly the same as the old Blogger. It's no big deal. The improvements that I've come across are fairly minor and are definitely improvements, not complications or anything. Do you have a gmail account? If not I can send you an invite.

  5. Liz, I'm just annoyed that the rug got dragged out from under me when I wasn't looking and now I'm minus a day with the dishcloth on which I've knitted.....ooh, one row! I have a gmail account..I have two in fact so that isn't the issue. It was the not knowing the moderator was going to switch and also not even hearing back from her to re-invite me to the damn kal. :P

  6. Im with you g-girl, Im kind of upset that we didn't know she was going to change. I've got a half finished cloth, and not time to instigate this beta blogger. I dont havea g-mail account and I haven't e-mailed yet. Just haven't had the time. I think Im going to have to just forget about this cloth.

  7. I'm a little behind in my blog stalking, but I wanted to let you know that I haven't had any problem getting the pattern rows. I just go to the the old blog
    Can't post to the old one, but I emailed Judith and she sent me an invitation to the new one. I don't even have a gmail account and I had no trouble. I'm not ready to switch my own blog this early to Beta. If you go into the blogger forum you'll see many people having trouble. I have done quite a bit of customization of my template and I want to research it a bit when I have time. Maybe start a test blog first. Well, I'm rambling.
    Happy knitting :)


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