Sunday, December 10, 2006

update on dishclothfunkal

Okay, this posting is for those of you that are in this group with me! The url for the blog hasn't changed. The rows we're missing are there. I looked at my profile page and tammy's and the links work there. They just don't work in our dashboards. I have emailed Judith. Apparently she posted on Friday that she was switching over and probably by the time we all got on blogger, the switch had happened. Brace yourselves, she is going to change the group name and is in the process of creating a new blog too so of course we'll have to get invites again. Here's the url again: If anyone needs a gmail invite let me know. I've got tons! I did some knitting this morning on the 5-hour baby sweater but I ended up frogging what I had done because I somehow joined the sweater. :P Ugh. What a pain. I'm taking a break right now. I finished the yoke and have just started working on the first sleeve! I have some fun pictures to post from my fiance's movie shoot but I'll try to post them later tonight. I've got knitting and homework to do (for work!) and tomorrow I won't get to come on here until I get home from class probably. Sigh...

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  1. Thanks g-girl for your help! Now I can get those rows up to date. Okay, dum ?, why do I need a gmail account?


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