Thursday, June 7, 2007

Flash Your Stash Contest

This is the contest for my sp 10 group this month--and I think maybe our last if not close to our last. Robyn, sp 10 hostess has made my first sp 10 experience an awesome one! So without further ado, here's my stash which honestly, has only begun to multiply over the last couple of months!

Pictured above, is the (Patons) Wool Crowd.
Ack acrylic!!! The stuff in bags (including the lb homespun in the front) I had purchased with the intention of completing a blanket I had started probably a year and a half ago. Currently, it's all in a big gap bag in my closet. In the mix are some skeins of tlc cara mia, and some gift yarn.
Here's the ever-growing sock yarn collection. There's some magic stripes in there, sassy stripes, and a skein of patons kroy socks that I'm wishing to part with if anyone is interested.
Here's the cotton! Last summer and into this past winter, I was heavily into the dishcloths! The craze has subsided a bit so here's what I've got left from my craze. Aside from dishcloth cotton, there's some cotton fleece, knitpicks cotton blend stuff, and some rowan denim in there.
Here's the miscellaneous pile. You will find some db cashmerino, linen, hempathy, mohair, etc.
This pile is of mercerized cotton (karabella) that used to be two skirts which I frogged because I wasn't happy with their fit at all.
These yarns missed their group portraits! Two cakes of cascade 220, a skein of noro kureyon, some lang jawoll, and a skein of red heart soft.
my alpaca collection.
baby yarns.
lonely cake of laceweight.
new stash! the yarn on the left is what I have now dubbed 'mckinnam' and to the right of it is some new sock yarn.

And this final pic is of some gift yarn I received from my ISE 4 pal! Some noro silk garden lite plus a ball and a skein of some very pretty blue sky alpaca silk! :)


  1. i have to say, i'm impressed that you can organize all your yarn by type for pictures! mine would all be in one or two big piles. : )

  2. I'm still jealous of your hostess.
    Think you'll join 11?


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