Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Flowers, a blocked scarf, and my final sp package!

Flowers I received yesterday, just because. :) I love the green chrysanthemums! Sorry it's a bad shot. :P
Here's my scarf blocking.
Here's a close-up of her blocking. To view a blocked pic, go here. I'm so amazed at the whole blocking process. My scarf lays so flat now! I have yet to use it but hope to soon.
And here before you, are the contents of my final package from Amanda!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the lotion, the pilates dvd (which I'm previewing right now as I type this blog!), the cool needle felting kit, the light-up needles!!!!!!!!! the gorgeous hand-dyed yarn (and it smells so yummy too!) and the popcorn-in its own tub!! SP 10 has been a super cool experience and I look forward to SP 11. Below is a close-up of the gorgeous yarn Amanda dyed for me! :) Along with my final package, I also received this lovely yarn from Knitting Notions. Catherine, of Knitting Notions is awesome! She ships super duper fast! I ordered my yarn on Friday/Saturday and it arrived yesterday.


  1. Ahh. It's so nice to be out in the open. :) I'm glad you liked everything - I got one of those needle felting kits for myself awhile back, and it was too cute for I had to get you one. :)
    And the Reese's, popcorn, and lit needles are so you can knit the handdyed yarns and snack while watching a movie. Any time is good knitting time!

    Thanks for being an awesome downstream SP10 buddy! You're the best! :)

  2. What's the yarn you used on your scarf? It's so pretty!

  3. Beautiful scarf! Surprise, surprise - it's more gifts in the mail for Rhoda! I want to be you.

  4. Your scarf is gorgeous! Very pretty color and pattern!

  5. For a moment I thought the popcorn was to eat while watching the Pilates video and I thought, "Now *that's* how to do pilates!" ;) What a nice pal you had!

  6. The scarf looks great. Isn't lace fun?


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