Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i got lucky!

Well, as of Friday afternoon, I will officially be on vacation. I jumped the gun a bit--I had originally typed that as of tomorrow at noon, I'd be on vacation. Then I remembered I have a client to see on Friday morning for a make-up. Damn that girl. My vacation is only three weeks long but that's better than nothing. Come July 9th, it'll be business as usual--though my schedule won't be so packed. My client that I usually see TTH after school wanted to cancel for our last session, ever. Who am I to complain?? Now I'll have time to clean out the garage tomorrow. I'm actually looking forward to it. I need to declutter. I also need to knit! Hopefully during the next few weeks I'll be able to finish my thermal. She's just been hangin' out on the couch, patiently waiting for me to pick her up and start working on her again. My focus has switched. I've been working on the market bag which I have yet to photograph. It's coming along nicely and I am anxious to get it finished.
Here's a pic of my completed widdershin!I had a 'professional' take this pic, can you tell?? lol. It's hard being a model--especially when you're as stubborn as I am! ;)
Here's another view:I dunno which I like best. There's another shot here.
Now for some STR love. :) I received my goodies from BMFA to begin my very own chevron scarf. Here's what I picked out: We have "Fire on the Mountain," "Farmhouse," (both of which are for my chevron) "Mustang Sally" (which I just had to get!) and "Lagoon" which I got from misocrafty when she was destashing. :) For those of you needing close-ups, here goes. I have made one last purchase (from the loopy ewe). Did you read that, Sarah?? lol. Thanks a lot for being an enabler. ;) I decided earlier today that I'm swearin' off the yarn for the next two months. I need to start using up what's now in my collection before adding to it. This apt. isn't getting any bigger!


  1. Beautiful yarn - its going to make a really pretty chevron! Enjoy your vacation...!

  2. Yay for vacation!! I'm a STR junkie, but I never get tired of seeing more yarn pr0n shots of it. Especially since my own stash is down in DC. :)
    EVERYONE is doing these chevron scarves - I may have to jump on the wagon!

  3. I love vacation! Yay!

    Look at those colors. Very nice! Wouldn't it be nice to have enough room for all of the yarn we 'need'? Hehe

  4. But you love me even if I do enable ;)
    So, what did you order?!

    Those colors are wonderful! I especially love mustang sally!

  5. Ooooh! Those colors for the Chevron scarf are going to be awesome! I want to make one as well, but can never seem to figure out what colors to put together! I love that Lagoon colorway, too! I have that color in their mohair to make a bubble scarf, but the colors show up much better in the STR.

    Think of me while you are lounging on the sofa and knitting! :)

  6. That is too funny that you choose Fire on the Mountain for your chevron, so did I, see my yesterday's blog post. What weight did you buy it in?

  7. Lots of wonderful yarn!

    happy vacation :)

  8. LOVE the socks... I just bought some CHerry Tree Hill today... maybe I'll use that pattern ;-)
    And as for the S.E.X. wow... I'm jealous! Beautiful colors. We just got back from a short trip to the beach, weather was yucky but it was good to get away. Enjoy your vacation!


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