Saturday, June 16, 2007


From this....
To this! And then visitors aren't freaked out by the amount of teaching books I have in my collection! And look what I managed to squeeze in at the bottom of my shelf, a quaint lil knitting section! I had to get crackin' on this yarn pile--it was all piled on my side of the bed! It actually doesn't look all bad now but I didn't start putting that stuff away until into the evening and from all the cleaning, I was starting to get tired! Here's what it looks like my closet. It's all in there believe it or not! I need to go back to Target and pick up one of their fabric cubes (something like this at least!). I knew I should've picked one up when I got the second wire storage unit. Oh well..always a reason to go to Target! In the fabric cube, I plan to keep my wips because there is now a vacant space next to my knitting couch where my knitting books used to be! Currently, my final sp10 package has taken up residence there. I've only got one wip right now and that's thermal. I want to cast on for something else but I already feel guilt about that. :P I finished the market bag late this morning.
I did a bad thing this morning. I was answering emails, and Sarah had mentioned that the yarn pirate's sock club was open. I go check it out, and all of a sudden I'm at paypal signing up for the club. Didn't I say just the other day that I was swearin' off the stuff??? Sigh...It was a good price and I'm only sad that I missed the sign-ups for the Zen Strings Sock Club! lol. Hmph. It seems as though I just barely made it into the club--wonder if I was the last one to sneak by because a few hours ago, yp hadn't posted anything about the club being closed. Yay!! I can't first sock club! So many firsts this summer...first knitting class, first sock club, and my first blogiversary is coming up as well. I haven't quite decided what I'm going to do for it but there just might be a goodie or two involved. :D
Oh, and today, is beautiful Robyn's birthday! Have an awesome birthday, sweetie! :)


  1. Wow girl, I wish I had a room just for stash! I'm so jealous!! lol Don't know if I told you, I revived my blogger blog- - it's mainly a stitching blog now! Hope you'll pop in!

  2. I was tempted with the YP sock club, but she lives here in Seattle and they sell here yarns at my LYS, so I decided against it. Besides, I have enough sock yarn to clothe a small country at this point, so I must resist sock yarn temptation for a while!

    Love your market bag! Let us know how it works out when you give it the daily use test! :)

  3. Thank you for the bday wishes.

    It's a good thing that I missed the deadline for the sock club, because for a split second I was thinking about it!

  4. I should come with a label- "May be bad for your wallet." :) I'm excited we are in a sock club together!

    Yay for organization! I so need to do SOMETHING my desk, where my yarn is stacked from top to almost the roof, is getting overwhelming.

  5. Hooray for getting things organized! Doesn't it feel great?

  6. Sounds like you got some sorting done! I always like organizing.

    Oooh, I haven't commented in a while. How's things going?

  7. The organization is looking good. I always feel so great after I get everything into its place :)

  8. Good job on the organizing! Sock yarn, yay!


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