Wednesday, May 9, 2007

birthday weekend recap

I received an email from jeanne (waves!)today so that was the little push I needed to start posting again! First off, bday weekend was soooooooooooooooooooooooo exhausting! Not only did we try to do too many things at once but it was also hot. My brother and family arrived Friday afternoon and my sister had just gotten home from work so we were immediately off. They wanted to go shopping--@ least this is what was stasted to me before they arrived. So we took them to the Beverly Center. The few times I have been there, I have never seen a famous face--course I'm not exactly looking! Oh, we rented a mini-van by the way to cart everyone around in the same car (my idea). My brother was trying to rent one back home but it was too expensive so I said we could rent one here. I think after we went shopping we went to golf n' stuff. :) It was a lot of fun. We had to take turns holding the lil munchkin but it was cool. She actually had a really good time. She had fun just seeing everything because she kept getting excited and giggling! I got a hole-in-one!!!! After that, we attempted to go see Spiderman 3 at the drive-in. HA! The streets were jammed with cars lined up to get in to see the freakin' movie so needless to say, we didn't get to see Spiderman 3 after all.
Oh, upon arrival, my niece was gifted with her cool bibs. I remembered cos the girl was starting to drool and I said, "ohhh, I made bibs for her, look! " :) I have a pic of her wearing the ninepatch but I haven't uploaded it to the computer-it's on my cell phone. I wish I had taken a pic of her wearing it as a kerchief. Talk about
The next day, my actual bday, we did breakfast at the original Bob's Big Boy. Here's my fiance with Bob. And here's the lil bull ready to go to Bob's Big Boy! After Bob's Big Boy, we made a stop at Unwind where I was going to get my bday present from my brother and his gf AND my fiance apparently. He told me was going to give me yarn too! Well, we get there, and they didn't have much to choose from in the area of ArtYarns Beaded Silk. :( I was absolutely
devastated! We walked outta there empty-handed. Can you believe it?? I didn't want just any yarn though. I wanted stuff that I normally wouldn't purchase for myself. I wanted special yarn. I know you all know what I'm talking about.
After Unwind, we had to go run an errand (which seemed like forever!) and here's my niece's arm in the car-while she was sleeping I think. I put that 'bracelet' on her. lol. And I just realized that you can see that she's clutching the ninepatch bib I made for her. :)After the errand, we went to the Fashion District because my brother wanted to go someplace where the clothse were just out on the street. I think I was the only one that left with anything..a new pair of converse. That's what my brother got me for Christmas instead of my artyarns. sigh...
My bday dinner was spent here. Here's my niece at the table. I took candids of everyone else but I don't think they would take too kindly to me posting pics of them on the internet without their permission--as if I asked my niece for permission!!!!!
Finally we headed home so that we could have my birthday cupcakes! While my sister, brother, and his gf were getting the cupcakes ready, here's what the lil munchkin was up to..she did some posing...and then I went into my bedroom and when I came back, her face looked like this because she grabbed the coupon thing my sister had left on the
floor and started eating it!!!!!!!!! See the black on her face?? lol.
Here I am, blowing out my bday candles. :) Better pic of my cupcakes! Flowers my sister had delivered to me on Friday.
Sunday was kind of a lazy's the lil bull first thing in the morning. Apparently, she does this all the time. Here she is about to wake up my sister (mine and my brother's idea!) Here she is having breakfast...see her lil rolls?????????
The only place we were really able to take them on Sunday was to Venice Beach. We had brunch at the Sidewalk Cafe. So here are some shots I took while dining there. :) This, by far, was the funniest you see her lil thumb up???
We took only a couple from the beach..the one I posted in my blog previous to this one is one of the better ones. :) So in a nutshell that was my birthday weekend! :)


  1. That log cabin bib is the cutest! Good work, auntie! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday weekend - again, Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Wow! Sounds like you packed a lot of fun into that weekend! I miss Bob's Big Boy! One of those places I loved growing up, and they don't have it here :( Those flowers are gorgeous and the cupcakes are really cute!

  3. Mmm, those cupcakes look delicious. It can't be because I'm hungry... ;-)

    Oh, sounds like a good birthday weekend--though incredibly busy!

  4. What a most excellent day!


  5. Well happy belated birthday! What a cutie your niece is. Why do you call her a little bull? Never heard that one for a baby before, but it's cute.

  6. Gargh, look at those rolls! My girl is losing hers (sniff). Happy belated birthday!

  7. That sounds like a great b-day weekend! The cupcakes look delish, and your little niece is so adorable!! She sure is growing fast.


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