Thursday, May 17, 2007

today's fortune

Now, I purposely took this picture of this fortune with my thermal to get my own behind crackin' again on it and it seems to have worked! Plus, June gloom being around helps too--I just might get to wear it if I keep working on it. I'm still plugging along on the back. Once the back is done, I'll post a pic. I need to work on the sleeve I started too.
I got through my model lesson yesterday and it went okay. I thought it was okay-the head of the school and the asst. head thought that I did a good job. They were impressed with how I handled the kids--talk about wound up!! I only had six kids for the model lesson and only TWO adults--talk about a dream model lesson audience. :) Plus, I only had a half hour! The head of school said she'd be in touch and I told her I hoped it would be good news. So fingers crossed (yet again!!).


  1. My fingers and toes are crossed for you! And I even crossed some of Toebi's toes, since he's got extras! :p

  2. i really really hope you get good news! : )

  3. Very appropriate fortune!

    My FINGERS are crossed xx

  4. That's the perfect knitters fortune! Fingers are crossed for you!


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