Saturday, May 19, 2007

my current wip's for all to see

Contest #6 for my sp10 group is to show a pic of all of our current wip's and to discuss them. So here goes. :) This lil thing would be the beginnings of my second widdershin. I started working on these socks in the beginning of November. They aren't finished because I've been lazy. I just haven't been in the mood! The mood has finally been peaked at least a lil bit (possibly out of guilt since they're my oldest wip right now!!!) so maybe they'll get done before say...oh, September. ;)
And here we have my traveling vines scarf which never seems to end. lol. As I was photographing it earlier, I noticed that the last bits of knitting that I've done on it (say, the last....5 inches or so!) doesn't even match the rest of the pattern that has been created!!! It's probably time to end this one already. Plus I keep having to rip back on it when I
do work on it. This one has been around only since March so she's relatively young. I haven't finished her yet because I don't know what length would be a good length. Now that my sanity is starting to leave me, I think it's about time to finish this one and move on!
Look, it's thermal! :) Remember I said, I wouldn't post a pic until the back was done? Well, by some miracle, I finished the back late Thursday night (without even really realizing it! I've moved onto shaping the first armhole!!!! There's my sleeve that I started too. :) This one will be done
soon because I've become inspired. :)
This is for my sp. It is pretty much done. It's an eye pillow. All I need to do is fill it with lavendar and rice/flax and then seam it shut. Can we say
lazy? lol. I haven't decided if I'm going to use an old pantyhose or go digging for some cheesecloth in the garage. That's why it isn't finished.
Lastly, we have a little hat. Since my brother requested hats, socks, or maybe a sweater for this munchkin.
I actually finished it. I started it last Sunday and finished it in a couple of hours. Then I showed it to my sister and she said it would be way too little for her big ol' head. So, I'm going to add a few more rows before I start doing the decreases. So these are all my current wip's.


  1. Love the traveling Vines Scarf! It's coming along great!

  2. good luck finishing up all your WIPs! : )

  3. That's not a bad list of WIPs. And the little hat will look too sweet on the niece!

  4. Nifty. Oh, I tagged you over on my blog...

  5. I was trying to leave a comment on the previous post (w/ all the yarn cakes), but couldn't figure out how! Anyway, I am obviously totally inept at making yarn cakes because they always come out pulled apart and lumpy. =( I'm considering giving up the ball winder since I can't make it work! I'm envious of your cakes is what I'm saying!

  6. I would get all stressed out having that many WIPs!

  7. Wow you have a few jobs on the go! Good luck finishing them.

  8. As far as I can see there is lots of wonderful knitting going on :) Your niece sure is a cutie pie!

    happy knitting :)

  9. I swear, I already left a comment!

    Your knits are looking great. My UFOs are a mess!

    I love your little niece ~ What a doll!


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